Disable sleep and screen saver mode in CentOS

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Due to special requirements, I want a Linux host to always display a program. The monitor cannot be shut down, sleep, or enter the screen saver mode.

Environment: Ubuntu is installed in minimal mode with a lightweight desktop openbox (not gnome ).
Because of X's screen protection, the power management mechanism is different from gnome. Therefore, you cannot set a tool for gnome.
Fortunately, we found the tool named xset.

The xset Program sets the Xwindows attributes after xwindows is started.
You can use manxset to view the specific usage. It is not described here.

You can use the xset command to set items:

1234 #xset s 300 # Set the screen saver time 300 Seconds, in seconds #xset s 0 # Disable screen saver #xset dpms 0 0 0 # The three values are Standby, Suspend, and Off, in seconds. # Xset-dpms # power off Management

You can also edit xorg. conf and add the following options to disable xscreensaver directly:

123456 Section “ServerFlags” Option “BlankTime” “ 0 # Disable black screen Option “StandbyTime” “ 0 # Disable the Standby function Option “SuspendTime” “ 0 # Disable sleep Option “OffTime” “ 0 EndSection

After modification, restart x to take effect.

Editing the xorg. conf file has the same effect as using the xset command. You can use xset-q to view the settings and the current configuration.


If the time value is set to 0, this item is disabled.
For more configurations, see:
Http://www.x.org/archive/X11R6.9.0/doc/html/xorg.conf.5.htmlAnd find "ServerFlags ".

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