Discuz x3.1 Whole Station Moving course-traditional moving method-fool will!

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A lot of webmaster first time to do the site, but chose the speed is not very stable space, slowly will find a lot of inexpensive speed quite fast space

This time, the webmaster in the process of moving the site will encounter a lot of difficulties, today the old kangaroo to everyone in detail about the Discuz forum moving the detailed process

Step one: Back up your site data

into the background-webmaster-database-Backup, data backup type Select discuz! and Ucenter data, and after the backup is successful, the data is automatically saved in the Files folder.

Step two: Website file download

The entire Web site files packaging (Virtual Host management Control Panel generally have the whole station compression and decompression functions, in the Control Panel select compression, compressed files are generally in the FTP DB folder, and then download the package to the local computer, If the virtual host does not have online compression, then use FTP directly to download the file to save locally.

Step three: Organize the download to a local site file

1. Delete the following files in the downloaded file, please feel free to delete the files, re-loading will automatically generate new files.

/install/install.lock (there is no such file after downloading, if there is no tube)




2. To the official download a discuz! X3 the installation package, copy the/install/folder in the upload to cover the Web files you downloaded.

3. Download the discuz! from the official The utility/restore.php file inside the X3 installation package is placed in the/data/folder of your Web site file, which is used for database restore.

Fourth step: Upload the Organized website file package to the new host space (the folder where the Web page information is placed)

Recommended compression after the use of FTP upload, upload after the completion of the virtual host Control Panel on-line decompression, which can save a lot of time, currently almost all of the virtual host has on-line decompression function, the format is generally RAR format, However, some virtual hosts such as Linux hosts only support the. zip format, so please note before packaging.

Fifth Step: Domain name resolution and space bound domain name

Enter the domain name Control Panel to resolve the domain name to your new virtual host IP, and then bind the domain name into the virtual host space.

Sixth step: Reinstall Discuz

HTTP//Your domain name/instal/to install, fill in your new virtual host database name and user name and database password, note that the database table prefix and the same as before, generally your previous data table if not changed, you reinstall the default is the same as you did before, So you don't have to change it. When you install, you may be prompted to delete Data/install.lock this file can continue to install, then you can go to the FTP delete and then return to the Installation page refresh and then continue to install, this can be installed.

Seventh step: Restore the Database

After the installation is successful, log in with the Administrator account and password that you filled in when you installed it, enter the background-webmaster-database-recovery-data recovery, select the data to be recovered and click on the right to import, click OK to restore the data, for security purposes after the successful recovery of data into the FTP delete/data/ restore.php this file.

Sometimes after entering the data recovery, found that there is no data to restore, then you can see the following line of text, then you directly click on your URL to recover data in the browser, in order to secure the data after the successful recovery into the FTP deleted/data/restore.php this file.

You can import the backup recovery data from the data backup record on this page, or you can perform http://www in the browser. your domain name. com/data/restore.php Recover Data

Eighth step: Check if Ucenter can log in

Tip: 1, check ucenter access address settings are correct (no replacement domain name to do the sixth step installation, generally do not error)

2, the founder Password and admin password is not the same, the founder password is the sixth step to reinstall the DISCUZ program when the password is set.

Nineth Step: Check if the Ucenter application is successfully communicated

Background--ucenter--application Management, check the communication situation, if the communication failed, please check the communication key settings are the same.

Backstage-webmaster--ucenter settings, check whether the Ucenter communication key is the same as the Ucenter application settings

Tenth step: Update the cache

After the successful data restore, in the background to exit the account, with your original background Administrator account login, into the background to update the cache, the site moved successfully ended.

Discuz x3.1 Whole Station Moving course-traditional moving method-fool will!

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