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Discuz! The X2 mailbox verification settings enable my dream to be confused. But fortunately, it finally solved the problem. General setting method for full network: 1. First, go to the backend-webmasters-Mail settings, for example, 2. for example, select "connect to SMTP server through SOCKET to send (ESMTP verification is supported )". 3. click "add new SMTP server ".

Discuz! The X2 mailbox verification settings enable my dream to be confused. But fortunately, it finally solved the problem.

General setting method for full network


1. First, go to the background-Webmaster-Mail settings, such:


2. for example, select "connect to the SMTP server through SOCKET (ESMTP authentication is supported )".

3. click "add new SMTP server" and configure as follows:

SMTP server: smtp.163.com

The SMTP server address of the sender's mailbox is set here. this address is available in each mailbox's access settings, and the SMTP service is enabled in the mailbox settings. For free mailboxes like 163,126, POP3/IMAP/SMIP services are enabled by default. if you use 163 or 126, you do not need to set them.

SMTP Port: 25

Most of the SMTP ports on this port are 25, so you do not need to modify them here.

Verify: Select

Sender email address: dzx@163.com (your email address)

Note:SMTP Authentication username: dzx@163.com (your mailbox address)

SMTP authentication password: your email password

4. delimiter of the mail header

Generally, the second option is selected here. most SMTP servers use this option. LF is used as the separator (usually Unix/Linux host)

5. the recipient address contains the user name:

Select Yes to include the site user name in the recipient's email address

6. after setting all the preceding settings, click the detection button on the top to test whether your configuration is normal, for example:

Enter your sender email address and email address, and click test. OK. the test is successful.


Global -- registration and access -- Select "email verification" for new user registration and verification"

Ucenter -- Mail settings -- email address, sender's email address, SMTP identity authentication username, and mailbox settings-the email address in the sender's email address is the same.

In addition, the global-site information-administrator's mailbox is also consistent with the email address in the email address setting-sender's email address.

It can also be summarized that all email addresses must be consistent to send and receive emails normally.

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