Disk Quota settings in linux

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The disk quota in linux is a common function of an application. Many users in an enterprise deploy linux as a mail or file server. Although the disk space is large, however, if more than 1000 users use shared storage files, it is necessary to allocate disk quotas to users.
The disk quota is best for independent partitions, such as/home/var/mail and other folders that need to be configured by line. The following steps are required for quota from filesystem preparation to configuration completion:
1. First, set the partition filesystem to support the quota parameter under/etc/fstab:
Example: vi/etc/fstab
/Dev/sda3/data ext3 default, usrquota 1 2
2. Use checkquota to generate two disk limit record files, aquota. user and aquota. group.
Checkquoat-avug generates aquota. user aquoat. group
3. Edit the limit value of quota.
Example: edquoat-u user/data
4. Use quoatcheck quotaon to start again.


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