Display website logo on Web page title bar and Favorites folder

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The first step is to prepare an icon maker software.
First you must understand that the so-called icon is a special graphics file format, which is an. ico extension. Ordinary image design software can not use this format, so you need to download an ICO icon tool, the site commonly used software both, recommended a powerful microangelo, can be easily made ICO icon. Chinese version:http://www.skycn.com/soft/2478.html
The second step is to determine the size of the "Favorites" icon.
The 16*16 appears in the collection, the best color to use is not more than 16 colors. (for clarity), if you do not know can be found in the C-*.ico format of the icon, you should be able to find the Internet Explorer in the cache of those sites, you can open these icons can know what format, and others like the line.
The third step is to design an icon that belongs to you.
You can create a thumbnail image of your website or design a distinctive pattern to use as a "favorites" icon. In short, it must be your own, and can well represent the style and personality of your website. Then name the icon file: Favicon.ico (note that you need to name this file name). Can be made more eye-catching.
For example, use an icon file on this computer to change it. Search for a file from this computer and copy it to the desktop. Open with Microangelo, modify into 16*16, use 256 color bar, save as Favicon.ico.
Finally, just upload this icon file (Favicon.ico) to the root of the server where your site resides. (That is, the folder where your homepage index.html is located) you do not need to make any changes to your Web files, IE5 will automatically search your website's root directory, as soon as it discovers favicon.ico this file, The icon is displayed in the visitor's address bar and Favorites list.
1. If you want to set different "favorites" icons for different pages, then you need to include the following in the head section of the page file:
<link rel=\ "Shortcut icon\" href=\ "http://www.net/myicon.ico\" >
Note: The path to the icon must use an absolute path.
2, the second method: in the home HTML file, join the link command,<link> is placed between For example, this is the following:
<link rel = "Shortcut Icon" href=http://www.fsyk.net/favicon.ico>
One of the href= "Http://www.fsyk.net/favicon.ico (just an example, you just replace him with your URL) will favicon.ico replaced with the ICO file name you made.
This will only be displayed if the user has added your website to the Internet Explorer Favorites and reopened the Internet Explorer browser.

Display the website logo on the title bar of the Web page and the Favorites folder

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