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Introduction to DIV+CSS Layout 4
Css+div Layout Summary under XHTML. 6
Web Design div+css--Day 1th: Choose what kind of doctype. 9
First day 9
What is DOCTYPE 10
What kind of doctype do we choose 10
Add 10
Web Design div+css--Day 2nd: What is the name space 10
Web Design div+css--Day 3rd: Definition Language Code 11
Web Design div+css--Day 4th: Call style sheet. 11
External call style sheet 11
Two-table method call style sheet 12
Web Design div+css--Day 5th: Other settings for head area. 12
Favorites Small icon. 12
Content for the search engine 12
Web Design div+css--Day 6th: XHTML code specification. 12
1. All tags must have a corresponding closing tag. 13
2. The names of the elements and attributes of all tags must be lowercase. 13
3. All XML tags must be reasonably nested 13
4. All attributes must be enclosed in quotation marks "" 13
5. Encode all < and & special symbols for 13
6. Assign a value to all properties 13
7. Do not make "--" in the annotation content. 13
Web Design div+css--Day 7th: CSS Primer 14
1. Basic grammatical Specification 14
2. Color value 14
3. Define fonts. 14
"Div + CSS layout Encyclopedia" blog Park Jesse Zhao finishing http://jessezhao.cnblogs.com
3rd page
4. Group Selector. 14
5. Derivation Selector. 14
6.id Selector 14
6. Category Selector. 15
7. Define the link's style 15
Web Design div+css--Day 8th: Getting started with CSS layouts. 15
1. Define DIV 15
2.CSS2 box model. 16
3. Auxiliary pictures are treated with background. 17
Web Design div+css--Day 9th: First CSS Layout Instance 17
1. Determine the layout. 18
2. Define body style 18
3. Define the main Div. 18
4.1% Adaptive height? 20
Web Design div+css--Day 10th: Adaptive Height 20
Web Design div+css--Day 11th: No Table menu 21
1. Menu without table (Portrait). 21st
2. Menu without table (Landscape). 22
Web Design div+css--Day 12th: checksum common error 24
1.XHTML Check 24
2.CSS2 Check 25
CSS 18-like tip 25
Web Printing Instance Tutorial 30
Getting started with div+css layouts 37

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