Dnetorm a lightweight ORM framework

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Introduction to use

1. configuration file configuration Good connection string

The value of the connectionname corresponds to the name of the connection string

<appSettings> <add key="ConnectionName"Value="DB"/> </appSettings> <connectionStrings> <!--<add name="DB"connectionstring="Data Source=localhost/xe; User id=hr; PASSWORD=HR;"Providername="oracle.manageddataaccess"/>--> <!--<add name="DB"connectionstring="Host=localhost;database=test;uid=root;pwd=sa123456;charset=utf8;"Providername="MySql.Data.MySqlClient"/>--> <add name="DB"connectionstring="Data source=localhost; Initial catalog=test; Persist Security info=true; User Id=sa; password=123456;"Providername="System.Data.SqlClient"/></connectionstrings>

2. Define a good entity

  Public classBook {[Key] [databasegenerated (databasegeneratedoption.identity)] Public int? BookID {Get;Set; }  Public stringBookName {Get;Set; }  Public int? Authorid {Get;Set; } [Notmapped] Public stringAuthorName {Get;Set; }  Public Double? Price {Get;Set; }  PublicDatetime? publishdate {Get;Set; } }

Additions and deletions are currently supported by SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle


            using New Dnetcontext ())            {                var authorid = db. ADD (new" Zhang San "+true  });                Db. ADD (new" from getting started to giving up "20.5, publishdate = DateTime.Now, Authorid = Authorid});            }


            using New Dnetcontext ())            {

int Authorid = db. Getmax<author> (M = (int) m.authorid); Db. Update" Demon Hunter ", m = = M.authorid = = Authorid); }


            using New Dnetcontext ())            {                vartrue, q = Q.orderby (M = m.authorid));                 var effect = db. Delete (author);                 int Authorid = db. Getmax<author> (M = (int) m.authorid);                Db. Delete<Author> (m = M.authorid = = Authorid);            }


Single-Table Query

The following SQL formats are supported


Contains, StartsWith, EndsWith


Contains Collection Class

Upper Lower

ToUpper, ToLower

SQL Character Size comparison

CompareTo, Equals

Charindex InStr


Is null or = ' '


Type conversions, time formatting


Integer conversions



TrimStart, TrimEnd, Trim

            using(Dnetcontext db =NewDnetcontext ()) {                varAuthor = db. getsingle<author> (M =true, q = Q.orderby (M =M.authorid)); Author= db. getsingle<author> (M = M.authorname.contains ("John Doe") && M.isvalid = =true); varAuthors= db. getlist<author> (M = M.authorname.startswith ("Zhang San") && M.isvalid = =true); //Get dynamic typelist<Dynamic> name = db. getdistinctlist<author> (M = M.authorname.startswith ("Harry") && M.isvalid = =true,m=>m.authorname); List<string> name1 = db. Getdistinctlist<author,string> (M = M.authorname.startswith ("Harry") && M.isvalid = =true, M =m.authorname); //Get maximum value                varAuthorid = db. Getmax<author> (M = (int) M.authorid); //Dynamic QueryWherebuilder<author>where=NewWherebuilder<author>(); where. and (M=>m.authorname.contains ("Zhang San")); where. and (M = m.authorid==3); where. Or (m=>m.isvalid==true); Db. GetList<Author> (where.                Whereexpression); //paging parameters coming from the front deskPagefilter page =NewPagefilter {pageindex=1, pagesize=Ten }; Page. and<Author> (m=>"The Watcher's Sky".                Contains (M.authorname)); Page. by<Author> (Q=>q.orderby (m=>m.authorname). OrderByDescending (m=>M.authorid)); Pagedatasource<Author> pagesource= db. Getpage<author>(page); }

Multi-Table Query

            using(Dnetcontext db =NewDnetcontext ()) {                varBooks = db. Joinquery.leftjoin<book, Author> ((m, n) = M.authorid = = N.authorid && N.isvalid = =true)                     . fields<book, Author> ((m, n) =New{m, n.authorname}). ORDERBYASC<Book> (M =m.bookname). Select<Book>(); varJoin = db. Joinquery.leftjoin<book, Author> ((m, n) = M.authorid = = N.authorid && N.isvalid = =true)                     . fields<book, Author> ((m, n) =New{m, n.authorname}). ORDERBYASC<Book> (M =m.bookname); Pagefilter page=Newpagefilter {PageIndex =1, PageSize =Ten};//paging parameters The front desk came .Join. Selectpage<book>(page); }

Support for transactions

            using(Dnetcontext db =NewDnetcontext ()) {db.                Database.begintransaction (); Try{List<Author> authors =NewList<author>();  for(inti =0; I <= -; i++) {authors. ADD (NewAuthor {authorname ="Test"+ i.tostring (), age = -, IsValid =true }); } db.                    ADD (authors);                Db.DataBase.Commit (); }                Catch{db.                Database.rollback (); }            }

Support for SQL statement queries

            using(Dnetcontext db =NewDnetcontext ()) {StringBuilder SQL=NewStringBuilder (); List<DbParameter> parameters =NewList<dbparameter>(); Sql. AppendFormat (@"SELECT {0},a.authorname from book B left joins Author A on A.authorid=b.authorid WHERE", Sqlbuilder.getselectallfields<book> ("B")); Sql. Append ("b.bookid> @BookID"); Parameters. ADD (db. Getdbparameter ("BookID",1)); Pagedatasource<Book> books = db. getpage<book> (SQL. ToString (),NewPagefilter {pageindex=1, pagesize=5}, Parameters.                ToArray ()); List<Book> BKS = db. Getlist<book>(SQL. ToString (), parameters.            ToArray ()); }

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Dnetorm a lightweight ORM framework

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