Do talents need to go to the top 500 in the world to be proved?

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We can see that the environments of many famous enterprises are so luxurious, and the recruitment conditions are so generous. We can also see that many outstanding people are writing processes for entering the famous enterprises! It seems that these are really door-to-door! I really envy and think of the top 500 job!

But I don't want to ask: do talents need to go to the top 500 in the world to be proved?

I must say that the answer is no!

As the saying goes: It's gold. It shines everywhere! Moreover, I personally think that only those who have made the greatest contribution to the country, society, and mankind can become real talents! A person with a high quality can also become an outstanding talent through personal efforts!

Haina baichuan, with a high capacity! This tells us that a person or an enterprise needs to constantly learn and absorb new things and knowledge to grow. The so-called talent can only be in a free and open sky, to continue to grow!

Therefore, if you feel that you need to constantly grow and become more outstanding people, you need to constantly learn other people's excellent things and go to a more free and open platform; only enterprises or organizations that provide such an environment are the places where you go!

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