Docker & Nodejs & MongoDB Nodejs Application simple Access MongoDB deployment to Docker

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Docker & Nodejs & MongoDB

Nodejs Application Simple Access MongoDB deployment to Docker

The original address (I encountered the operation of the situation can not continue, so slightly modified to improve)

Directory structure
.├── app.js├── controller├── Dockerfile├── model├── node_modules├── package.json├── router└── schemas
1. Local simple write can be run up a Nodejs (demo can be written more simple a post a Get can)
schemas/User.JSvarMongoose= require(' Mongoose ')varUserschema= New Mongoose.Schema({    name:{        Unique:true,        type:String},    Password:{        type:String},    role:{        type:Number,        default:5    }})Userschema.statics = {    Fetch:function(CB){        return  This.Find({})        .exec(CB)},    FindByID:function(ID,cb{        return  This.FindOne({_id:Id}).exec(CB)}}Module.exports =Userschema
model/user . Span class= "at" >js  var  Mongoose =  require  ( ' Mongoose ' ) var  userschema =  require  () var  user =  mongoose  . model  ( ' User '   Userschema)  module . exports  =  User  
controller/user.jsvar User = require(‘../model/user‘) exports.list = function(req,res){    User.fetch(function(err,users){        if(err) {console.log(err)}        res.send(users);    })} = function(req,res){    console.log(;    var name = || ‘noname‘;    var password = ‘abcdefg‘;    var user = new User({"name":name,"password":"123456"}){        if(err)        {            console.log(‘false‘);            res.send("fails");            return;        }        res.redirect(‘/‘);    })}
./app.JSvarExpress= require(' Express ');varRouter= Express.Router();varMongoose= require(' Mongoose ')//var dburl = ' Mongodb://localhost:27017/imooc ';varDburl= ' Mongodb://mongodb/imooc ';//mongodb The name is--LINK=AAA:BBB when the name is BBBMongoose.Connect(Dburl); varApp= Express(); app.Listen( the,function(){    Console.Log("Server start. Listen port:3000 ");}); require('./router/router ') (APP)
router/router.jsvar=require(‘../controller/user‘var=require(‘underscore‘module.exports=function(app){    app.get(‘/‘,User.list)    app.get(‘/user‘,;}

Ensure that the local is functioning properly.

2.NPM Installation Express Mongoose underscore
npm install express mongoose underscore
3. Write dockerfile in the app.js file directory
FROM nodeRUN mkdir -p /home/srcCOPY . /home/srcRUN cd /home/src; npm install --registry= 3000CMD ["node""/home/src/app.js"]
4.docker Pull Mongo5.docker run-it--name MongoDB MONGO

Enter terminal

cd /homemkdir dbmongod --dbpath=‘/home/db‘

Start MongoDB Service

6.docker build-t Nodejsdemo./

Docker run-it-p 3000:3000--name Nodejsdemo--link=mongodb:mongodb Modejsdemo

At this point the console can see the server start Listen port:3000

Browser Access

Docker & Nodejs & MongoDB Nodejs Application simple Access MongoDB deployment to Docker

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