Does the firewall allow Internet attackers to bypass the attack?

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The operating system should be configured first to ensure the security of the browser, email client, and application. After the system is configured, the firewall is used, A security alarm is triggered when a hidden program attempts to access the Internet from a computer. Therefore, a personal firewall must be configured in the computer.

Computer users have a lot in common with house owners who usually want to decide who are allowed to access their domain. Some house owners will have a dog.

For computers, this intelligence is played by antivirus software, which keeps a close eye on whether the system has malicious intruders. The more effective method is to immediately prevent undesirable guests from logging on to the system or hard disk. This is the firewall function.

"The Personal Firewall is used to block unnecessary communication channels and restrict access permissions to absolutely necessary applications (such as sending and receiving email messages and browsing the Internet ), norbert Pohlmann, professor of internet security at the Gelsenkirchen Institute, said.

If your Internet connection is not protected by a central firewall (such as a firewall built in many routers), you must configure a personal firewall. However, even if your computer already has a central firewall, you can benefit from the personal firewall.

"If there is already an active firewall in the vro, the personal firewall can 'check for missing output'," Pohlmann said.

Personal firewalls have been configured in Windows XP and Vista systems, although they are called desktop firewalls. The firewall of the Vista system is activated by default, and the firewall of the XP system must be activated manually. You can configure it through the firewall option in the security center. The "Exceptions" option is used to determine the application that will be granted access.

"You must set up a firewall based on your specific needs to ensure that important applications (browsers and email programs) Have access, while other programs are forbidden ."

Users who do not believe that they have created custom configurations can use the pre-installed security level. Pohlmann recommends that Windows XP users use an extra firewall, and the built-in XP firewall cannot provide adequate protection. The Personal Firewall function of Vista is better.

ZoneAlarm is recommended by the German Federal Information Technology Security Agency (BSI) in Bonn. It is a firewall tool for Windows systems and its basic version is provided free of charge.

"Many users like to use a so-called condom, that is, a suite of firewall and anti-virus software," said BSI spokesman Michael gaer.pdf, who often liked this program because of its uniformity and ease of use, but it is not free.

"The firewall can control all external access to computers and access from inside the computer to the Internet. The firewall can be set to notify users about harmful input or output traffic, "said Lutz Neugebauer, a security expert at BITKOM, an IT Industry Association in Berlin, he believes that the Personal Firewall is a highly recommended protection program.

It should be pointed out that the firewall does not distinguish between good and bad data access. "It mainly depends on the user's access type," Neugebauer said, this means that you may need to obtain the Internet access permission from the chat tool to start chatting.

Many firewalls can also be set by themselves. "Firewalls will establish their own rules over time, which is very convenient for non-technical users," BSI pointed out. On the other hand, self-learning firewalls may also have incorrect configurations, this causes security risks.

Using the Personal Firewall is a controversial issue. You should always configure the operating system first to ensure the security of the browser, email client, and application. After configuring the system, users know that they cannot download any information from insecure sources or access untrusted sites. Using the Personal Firewall does not provide any additional protection. Others think that the firewall can act as a security alarm, and an alarm is triggered when hidden programs access the Internet from inside the computer.


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