Does the RedhatLinuxEnterprice5 server occasionally fail to be pinged?

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Does the RedhatLinuxEnterprice5 server occasionally fail to be pinged? -- Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. My website server environment is redhat linux enterprice5.0 + Apache2.0 + Mysql5.0 + PHP5.0
At the beginning, the server was running normally, that is, it was unable to upload materials (images) to the server through the webpage upload function. After a while, the website suddenly failed to be opened and pinged, it seems that the server has been shut down by others. The producer has never touched the server. The next day, the server was normal again, and the website could be opened again. The website was running for 8 months. This strange phenomenon occurs four or five times.
I have never been familiar with Linux before, and now I am not familiar with Linux. Thank you, brother!

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