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Domain name authorization and encryption problems now have such a PHP system, you can install and authorize the specified domain name, unauthorized domain names cannot be installed and used. the installation authorization File (license. key) content: GcGuHiPneUPtjA $ r % nt133 + HiG1fRXujm0HN9RGUxu5sJYnDtsfCgs3 $ r % n9bad210418 $ r % nSMn4GSa0ehXv3WRR domain name authorization and encryption
Now there is such a PHP system that can install and authorize the specified domain name. unauthorized domain names cannot be installed and used.

The content of the installation authorization File (license. key) for my domain name is:

GcGuHiPneUPtjA $ r % nTJH + region $ r % n9bad236918 $ r % Region + 8 $ r % region $ r % nTsj/GSq1eUa632pVfoJARx/q $ r % region/r$ r % records $ r % ntzsuchofec93w1ritvig0u8 $ r % region/v $ r % region $ r % nTZarTybleUC5hmQEfocUSxO6 $ r % region $ r % Workshop $ r % workshop/t $ r % Workshop $ r % nHcP9TifjdkO + 3 GQBedxESxzo $ r % Workshop $ r % nGsmsHibieka + h2hSedxEGxnv $ r % region $ r % nHZatE3HlKRPpiWwEKIUSSB + 3 $ r % nScf2TCLifBDqh2VWLdUVGh65 $ r % region $ r % nGsj/region $ r % Region + 9 $ r % response $ r % response + $ r % nHcj/response $ r % nSpL3T3LhLhe/imUPLYJBTxm8 $ r % nS8esEifodke/3WUCeNZDSx65 $ r % response + $ r % examples/q $ r % nR8X + HyHndhDk3GtSIoJHGkvv $ r % samples/$ r % nT8D + GCOzfxO52GVVL91ASRu5 $ r % samples + 2 $ r % samples + $ r % samples $ r % nT5b8GSO0fUa63WkFeNcVHBzv $ r % Kernel $ r % nSJb + T3Dhdha + jjkBLNREHEu3 $ r % nSJH4HiPpLhHvijgEftEVTxK5 $ r % Kernel

How is this encryption implemented?
I want to implement the same function now. you can generate a license. key authorization file for the specified domain name.

------ Solution --------------------
"Generating an authorization file" is not a key point, but is "how to use an authorization file ".

In general, it should be where your "PHP system" reads the authorization file, extracts the specified domain name from it, and compares it with the host domain name during actual operation.

As for the authorization file itself, it is nothing more than performing some reversible encoding conversion on some authorization information (including the specified domain name, user information, authorization time restrictions, and so on. If your "PHP system" is not obfuscated and encrypted, read the source program, which is easy to understand.
------ Solution --------------------
On the top floor,

It is best to read the key file of the php code.

But I guess your php code will be confused.

Zend is very convenient for decryption. Baidu has a lot of decryption tools.

Ioncube encryption is troublesome. I have studied it some time ago and transferred it to other countries in China, so there is no progress

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