Double-click to close the QTabWidget label and double-click the qtabwidget label.

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Double-click to close the QTabWidget label and double-click the qtabwidget label.

Using Qt for ARM, we found that the native close button (X) of QTabWidget in Qt4 is too small, and it is difficult to press it on the touchpad. The double-click function of the browser is similar to that of the browser. because I used the C # resource manager before, I thought I could bind DoubleClick directly, but I did not find the corresponding SLOT after I searched it, the result is to capture the signal in QWidget, that is, the mouse event without the QTabWidget tag! Then, I searched for various questions on the Internet. The results found various questions, and each one answered exactly ..... finally, let's think about it. If it doesn't work, use the dumbest method to implement it Like Hock!

So, I have reloaded the QTabWidget (because tabBar () is protected, ah !), In this way, the tag can be obtained.

1 class Tab : public QTabWidget2 {3     Q_OBJECT4 public:5     Tab(QWidget *parent = 0);6     QTabBar* GetBar();7 protected:8     void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event);9 };

Then, when implementing an Event Filter, first determine whether the event is a double-click event, and then determine whether the event is a tag location. If yes, the current tab is deleted. Because the double-click event is required to trigger a click, that is, the selected tab event. Therefore, you do not need to double-click another tab to change the index.

1 # ifndef MYEVENTFILTER_H 2 # define MYEVENTFILTER_H 3 # include <QMainWindow> 4 # include <QMouseEvent> 5 # include "tab. h "6 7 extern int tabindex_current; 8 extern int tabindex_old; 9 extern Tab * tabWidget; 10 extern QPoint tableft; 11 extern int tabwidth; 12 extern int tabheight; 13 14 // double-click to close the Tab label. 15 class myEventFilter: public QObject16 {17 public: 18 myEventFilter (): QObject () 19 {}; 20 ~ MyEventFilter () {}; 21 22 bool eventFilter (QObject * object, QEvent * event) 23 {24 if (event-> type () = QEvent: MouseButtonDblClick) 25 {26 QMouseEvent * e = static_cast <QMouseEvent *> (event); 27 QPoint pos = e-> pos (); 28 int x1 = tableft. x (); 29 int x2 = tableft. x () + tabwidth; 30 int y1 = tableft. y (); 31 int y2 = tableft. y () + tabheight; 32 if (pos. x ()> = x1 & pos. y ()> = y1 & pos. x () <= x2 & pos. y () <= y2) 33 tabWidget-> removeTab (tabindex_current); 34} 35 return QObject: eventFilter (object, event); 36}; 37 }; 38 39 # endif // MYEVENTFILTER_H

Finally, bind it to the main function to capture all the events:

1 qApp->installEventFilter(new myEventFilter());

In addition, you need to update the width when switching the tab (the height does not need to be updated ):

1 void MainWindow::updateBar()2 {3     tabindex_current = tabWidget->currentIndex();4     tabindex_old = tabindex_current;5     QTabBar *bar = tabWidget->GetBar();6     if (bar->size().width() > 0)7          tabwidth = bar->size().width();8 }




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