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AMD (ATI) today released the 9.6 version of the Linux Catalyst Driver, with two functional improvements: support for the new version of the Linux release version (SLED, SLED 11, RHEL 4.8) and enhanced support for MultiView (Multi-head output technology ). The MultiView feature makes full use of multiple GPUs and allows you to set, manage, and use Multiview configurations. A typical application is to build a multi-screen workstation. As early as 8.8 drivers, you have already experienced this feature. The latest catalyst 9.6 has also enhanced this feature, allowing you to configure up to 4 GPUs in Xinerama, it also supports any combination of ATI Radeon HD 4000, ATI Radeon HD 3000, and ATI Radeon HD 2000 graphics cards.

In addition, the new driver also fixes several bugs:

1. After the desktop transparency effect is enabled, the desktop and application icons will no longer disappear.

2. Fixed an error in video playback after desktop transparency was enabled.

3. Adjust the DVD playing window of the MPlayer and the video is no longer blank.

4. Enhanced system stability when switching between full screen and window when playing a DVD using the Totem player.

5. When MultiView is configured in the catalyst control center, no error message is displayed in the terminal window.

6. Enhanced compatibility between ATI Radeon HD 9.04 and Xserver in Ubuntu 4870.

7. ati cal can accurately detect the core and memory frequency of the video card.

In summary, catalyst 9.6 is good, and the Bug of enhanced functions is worth updating. 9.6 The following types of video cards are supported:

ATI FirePro™V8700

ATI FireGL™V8650

ATI FirePro™V7750

ATI FireGL™V8600

ATI FirePro™V5700

ATI FireGL™V7700

ATI FirePro™V3750

ATI FireGL™V7600

ATI FirePro™V3700

ATI FireGL™V5600

ATI FirePro™2450

ATI FireGL™V3600

ATI FirePro™2260

ATI Mobility Radeon™3870

ATI Mobility Radeon™X3430

ATI Mobility Radeon™X3850

ATI Mobility Radeon™X3400

ATI Mobility Radeon™X3830

ATI Mobility Radeon™X2600

ATI Mobility Radeon™X3670

ATI Mobility Radeon™X2400

ATI Mobility Radeon™X3650

ATI Mobility Radeon™X2300

ATI Radeon™HD 4890 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 4550 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 4870X2 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 4350 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 4850X2 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 3800 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 4800 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 3600 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 4700 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 3400 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 4670 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 2900 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 4650 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 2600 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 4600 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 2400 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 3300 Series

ATI Radeon™3100 Series

ATI Radeon™HD 3200 Series

ATI Radeon™3000 Series

AMD FireStream™9270

AMD FireStream™9170

AMD FireStream™9250


Http:// (ATI)-Radeon-Mobility-FireGL-9.6-For -/

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