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Gaim QQ plug-in
Qq plugin for Gaim 0.76-0218-cvs

* Simulated version: qq2003iii build 0117

* Perfect support for 96 smiling faces in qq2003iii build 0117

* TCP login is supported, and HTTP/sock5 proxy under TCP connection is supported (not tested)

* The stability is greatly improved.


About Proxy: In QQ plugin, TCP proxy is implemented through Gaim's own function,
If you can use Gaim to upload MSN/Yahoo via proxy, QQ should also be OK. Because
Environment restrictions, I did not test.

Proxy port: QQ plugin by default, this server
TCP connections between port 80 and port 8000 are also supported. However, in the TCP status, the server is likely
(90%) return a new redirect server on port 8000. If your proxy
Only port 80 (such as squid) is supported. In this case, it cannot be used. However, sock5 should
No problem.

TCP server: the default server has been tested and can use ports 80 and 8000,
However, port 80 is often busy and the error "can not read" is returned. We recommend that you use port 8000.

SuSE Linux Professional 9.0

This is the most popular and famous release in Europe, with the highest share in Europe. Among the many Linux suites, Suse may still be one of the most suitable for beginners, at the same time, it also retains the spirit of Linux, an interesting and flexible use environment, and a wide array of software suites. Honored as the throne of the most compatible Linux suite.

SuSE can be said to be the boss of Linux publishers. In the latest File System Review, Suse 8.0 can be said to have taken the lead! SuSE also works closely with Oracle and has a good reputation in terms of network data application servers!

New Features of SuSE Linux 9.0
SuSE now provides amd athlon 64-bit processors. The following are the main new features of SuSE Linux 9.0.

Installation and Configuration:
Easily adjust the NTFS partition to make it easier to install SuSE Linux on a computer that has Windows 2000 or XP.
The system starts faster.
A single user is automatically logged on to the system.
Provides professional options for software such as Emacs and pine.

User Interface:
KDE 3.1.4 and gnome 2.2.2 are used as graphical user interfaces.
Use the "virtual folder" Technology in the KDE and gnome Application menus: Menus are divided into only two layers. The most important programs can be found by their function names. 1.1:
The compatibility of MS Office documents has been optimized.
An improved macro recorder.
Click the mouse to output the PDF file.
All Input and Output in XML format are supported.
Supports output in Flash format.

SuSE system DOCTOR: The YaST repair module tracks and restores important files accidentally deleted.

Most soft cats are automatically detected during the first running.
Check the DSL connection, IDSN card, and modem during installation.
When the system is running, ISDN users can click the mouse on the kinternet to implement channel bundling.
Kopete now supports all common services, including AOL, MSN, IRC, and ICQ.

Currently, k3b supports the burning of DVDs, with just a few clicks.
The optimized resource management tools in Linux kernel ensure excellent audio and video effects.
Mainactor 5 (demo version), a professional video editing tool.
A large number of freely collected audio software.

Gimp 1.3 (Development version) is the upcoming preparation version of gimp 2, which contains many unique plug-ins and a menu stick, this greatly facilitates the migration of image production software from commercial software to free software. (Stable version gimp 1.2.5 is also collected in the release)
Professional page formatting software: scribus 1.0.

Beneath a steel sky (under the steel-like sky): a long-awaited free adventure game.
Trackbils: Professional 3D effects and excellent music effects.
Enigma: a classic arcade game, like the famous oxyd.

Expanded to 1150 pages. (Professional Edition only)
The user guide now includes gnome, Kooka, korganizer, Mozilla, email encryption using the GNU private password, and data synchronization using the handheld PDA.
Add the following chapters to the Administrator guide: LDAP, Apache, and samba.

The optimized 2.4.21 kernel has many features for the 2.6 kernel, including an improved scheduler, ACPI (Advanced Configuration Power Interface), and ALSA (Advanced Linux sound architecture ).
Collect the 2.6 beta kernel, but it is only applicable to experiments and cannot run on a machine that stores important data.

New versions and professional tools of some components:
Kernel 2.4.21.
Samba 2.2.8a, including the YaST design module designed for servers and clients.
YaST is a new module for configuring DNS, DHCP, TFTP, and network servers in the home network.
The NTP module of YaST synchronizes data through the time server.
Improve IPv6 support.
KDE 3.1.4.
Gnome 2.2.2.
GCC 3.3.1.
Sun Java 1.4.1.
Glibc 2.3.2.
Apache 2.0.47.
Rpm 4.1.1.

For more information, see the product Official Website:


An xine plug-in allows xine to play ASF, WMV, RM, WMA, MP3, and ASX. You must install RealPlayer in RM format. However, kinglead said that it seems to occupy resources.
This is the xine plug-in:
Http:// Softid = 1072
This is realplayer8:
Http:// Softid = 1000

Mozilla and Firefox ad blocking plug-ins
Collect all valuable Linux data

Download ISO from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 as (i386)
Software introduction:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 will be the second Linux version of RedHat for enterprise users. According to RedHat, the new operating system runs Java software and databases faster and can run on large hosts and several other new machines, make full use of the powerful functions of computer systems with 16 processors, and provide better editing
Red Hat Enterprise Linux as (formerly Red Hat Linux Advanced Server) is the flagship product of the Enterprise Linux solution series. Red Hat Enterprise Linux as supports the largest x86 compatible server and provides the highest level of technical support. It is designed to install a large number of department-level servers and configuration managers. Red Hat Enterprise Linux as is widely supported by the applications of major independent software developers and has the benchmark test results of the storage industry standard. red Hat Enterprise Linux has been certified by companies such as Dell, HP, and IBM.
A typical application of Red Hat Enterprise Linux as is to support:
Medium-to large-scale databases and Database Application Software
Application Software Server
Enterprise application software, such as CRM, ERP, and SCM
Supports up to 16 CPUs and 64 GB physical memory, including the following Architecture
Intel x86
Intel itanium
AMD amd64
IBM zseries
IBM iseries
IBM pseries
IBM seconds/390

The following services are provided:
File (SMB/NFS)
Accelerated web (tux)
Advanced firewall (arptables)
Extended remote shell access/MGMT
DNS nameserver
Network Authentication (Kerberos)
Dump server (netdump)
Directory Server (LDAP)
Remote Boot/image server
(Use an electric donkey)

FTP: //
FTP: //
FTP: //
FTP: //

FTP: //
FTP: //
FTP: //
FTP: //


Anonymous login

Download Turbo Linux workstation 8.0
FTP: // Linux/Turbolinux-8-Workstation-full/tl8w. install1.iso
FTP: // install2.iso


SuSE Enterprise Server 8

Slackware 10.0



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