Drcom and 2.6.24 kernels

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Drcom and 2.6.24 kernel-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Drcom in linux is developed in the 2.6 kernel and used Security_ops in. However, this EXPORT_SYMBOL is canceled in kernel 2.6.24, so that drcom cannot be compiled successfully. The problem is that the new kernel cannot access the Internet in the network environment where drcom is needed. I have consulted one of the open-source drcom developers on this issue. Currently, the simplest method is to modify the kernel and recompile it. For the 2.6.24 kernel, the specific method is as follows:

1) Add EXPORT_SYMBOL (security_ops) at the end of the kernel security/security. c file );

2) recompile the kernel.

(3) drcom-1.3.7/kmod/proto. c In # include Add the following sentence: extern struct security_operations * security_ops;

4) Compile and install drcom.

This is the case. I am still compiling the kernel. It has been several failures due to errors in modifying the. config file to speed up compilation. This time, we will use the default Kernel configuration of ubuntu, so we should not have any problems. It's just that I didn't modify it exactly as Wheelz said. It's hard to say whether it works. If it fails, it can only be compiled once again. However, when the next compilation is completed, it is estimated that it will be 1 point, and there will be no chance to test it. If it still doesn't work, I will have to renew it under 2.6.22. Depressed, eager to find a job and move out of school.

Note: after the second kernel compilation, drcom still fails to log on to the kernel. It does not take time to reload the system by 7.10, so it is easy to write programs.
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