Dual Nic settings in linux

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Dual Nic settings in linux-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. Solution Design
1) Use the API provided by the NIC Driver to monitor the NIC in real time. The monitoring interval is 1 second.
2) determine the fault type of the network adapter based on the status information of the monitored network adapter.
3) if it is a serious fault, such as a network card failure or network disconnection, copy all the settings (such as IP address, subnet mask, and gateway) on the network card to the backup network card immediately.
4) send ARP broadcast information to the vroarp so that the vro updates the local cache and remaps the IP address to the physical address of the secondary ENI. This ensures uninterrupted service operation.
5) after the network adapter is switched over, the system sends an Email and a text message to the Administrator, asking the Administrator to handle the fault in time to avoid another communication fault.
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