Dynamically integrated XML barcode control with Web Services support XML Barcode Webservice

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After the XML Barcode WebService Barcode control is installed, applications that consume Web services can request and accept XML barcode images from the server on which this Web service is installed. The managed version of this Web service can be used on Idatomation's fault-tolerant Web servers without installing any other software.

Specific features:

  • Dynamically integrate XML barcodes into applications that support Web services.
  • Compatible with Windows version server or later.
  • Easy to install, run the included installation tool or copy a new file to a virtual directory.
  • Returns a stream image-supports multiple image types.
  • 100% managed code created in the C # language has high performance and stability.
  • Contains both vb.net and C #. NET sample application.
  • The supported standards include XML and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).
  • Idautomation's XML Barcode WebService supports several linear barcode symbol set specifications, including code 39, extension code, code, Telepen, Interleaved 2 of 5, Logmars, C Odabar, EAN-128, USS Code, ITF, Upc-a, UPC-E, MSI, EAN-8, EAN-13, code One, code, Industrial 2 of 5, Postnet, Planet , and intelligent Mail, the previous onecode.
  • In C #. NET to create 100% managed code.
  • Flexible size options-x dimension, wide height ratio, bar code height and other properties can be adjusted for included applications and scanning devices. The measurement size is in cm (cm), except as otherwise indicated.
  • Graphical configuration items are designed to set the foreground, background color, and font of human-readable characters accordingly.
  • Full support for gs1-128 (AKA: UCC128 & EAN128)-When the "Auto" character set is selected, the product provides an easy way to add all the application identifiers to the Code 128 bar code. This control can also be formatted as a text that is suitable for human reading by placing the required AI in parentheses.
  • Check options-check characters can be enabled and disabled in the barcode. In human-readable text, the check character can be appended to the text. This feature can also be disabled because the checksum character is not encoded in the text but in the barcode. This attribute is not valid for Code 128 because it contains characters that cannot be entered by the keyboard in Code 128.
  • Text Options-in a linear barcode control, human-readable text can be enabled or disabled. This attribute is sometimes not valid for custom formats that some developers create.
  • The tilde feature makes it easy to encode enter, tab, and other control characters in code auto, such as the GS and RS control characters encoded between a single barcode symbol. For example, web~009service~013 will create a barcode encoded as web<tab>service<return>.
  • selectable orientation angle supports 0,90,180,270 degrees.
  • Support for JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and WMF image files.
  • Image resolution Options-By default, the display in the Web application is a barcode generated in 96DPI. The resolution properties of this service can be easily modified as needed.
  • C # source code is provided to customers who have purchased 3 developer or unlimited developer licenses and have signed a source code license agreement.
  • The
  • can download the free evaluation version-the only limitation in this evaluation version is that the "DEMO" text will be displayed in the barcode. If the bar code height increases sufficiently high, this barcode can still be scanned for some test purposes.
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