EasyBCD how to fix Linux + win7?

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I am a debian+win7 dual system, startup encountered a number of small problems, in the search related blogs and friends of the help of successful repair, recorded in order to have a rainy day, but also hope to be able to help meet the same problem friends!

First, download a EasyBCD2.2 in the Win7, and then the following diagram process adds the partition of the Linux system to boot into the linux!

Here on it, I have been to win their own to delete so that only shows the Linux! Here to operate the correct words can point tool reboot!!

Reboot, we'll find out. The boot option goes into the Linux system, but the problem I have here is that the boot doesn't actually find the right directory for us to grub.conf or grub.cfg under Linux (the CFG or the Conf suffix depends on its own system)!

So we're going to hand-configure that means that we'd better

First in the Linux system to find the directory where grub.conf/cfg, and clear its own Linux system (terminal under the fdisk-l command view)

On the hard drive partition and start the operation!!!

Okay, after this situation, press E to enter the edit state, note! Here, just change the grub.conf or grub.cfg to the correct one and then (hd0, HDX) x is the partition of the system, in fact, it can be a try.

The problem, after the correction, press B to enter the guide if the error here will see you again familiar grub boot interface! To get into the system, you need to fix grub, which is to rewrite the MBR boot

Enter the system after entering the terminal is the first Update-grub fdisk-l (see the system is the partition number)

Then it's mount/dev/sdax/mnt (x represents your system's partition number)

Re-installed Grub-install--ROOT-DIRECTORY=/MNT/DEV/SDA

(Here SDA is the hard drive does not need to add the partition number)

After the success can be reboot (note, I am here to reboot will enter the Grub recue mode, do not know why, it is necessary to Update-grub to restart)

Next, if you have a grub recue, how do you solve it?

The Grub RESUCE>LS lists all disk partition information, such as (hd0) (hd0, MSDOS1)

And then find out where the grub file is located, i.e. LS (hd0, msdosx)/boot/grub (x variable)

When a list of instructions is found

You can continue with the following command:

Set root= (hd0, MSDOSX)

Set prefix= (hd0, MSDOSX)/boot/grub



You can now see the correct grub boot again, but entering the system requires a final resolution!

sudo update-grub

sudo grub-install/dev/sda

Here reboot the problem is solved! The individual reason is not too clear, hope later can understand slowly!

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