Eclipse does not have (add) a way to "Dynamic Web Project" options

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Reproduced in: Eclipse does not have a method to (add) the "Dynamic Web Project" option

The first method:

You're installing a Java project specifically, and dynamic Web project belongs to the EE technology, so you're going to download an eclipse that integrates with the EE plugin, (ECLIPSE-JEE-HELIOS-SR2-WIN32), Download the relative version of the IDE to the Eclipse official website: Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers

The second approach: Install the Java EE Plug-in for the current eclipse. As follows: For this tutorial I am using Eclipse Kepler (4.3) Since it is the latest
Version right now and the steps work same for Eclipse Juno (4.2),
Indigo (3.7), Helios (3.6). If you had a version older than Helios then I
Would recommend that's upgrade to Kepler since versions older than
Helios is not supported.  Here is the steps to download and Setup Eclipse. Start Eclipse and open the New Project Wizard.    Currently it would not contain the Web folder and the Dynamic Web Project option. Click Cancel. In the top Menu bar click on Help, Install New software

The Installation Wizard is opened. In the Installation wizard window, click "Work
With "dropdown, select based on your Eclipse version name

"Http://" (if you're an eclipse
Kepler version) OR "Http://" (if you are an Eclipse Juno version)

OR "Http://" (if you are the Eclipseindigo version)

OR "Http://" (if you are an Eclipse Helios version)

Note:if you don't see above site in the dropdown, you can add it using the Add button.

Eclipse will search all the software for this URL and display it to the list below (it is recommended to use a proxy, otherwise it may take a long time to display and download the plugin, as for how to set up the Eclipse agent, please Google yourself).

Expand the "Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise development" option, and tick the following four options:
    • Eclipse Java EE Developer Tools
    • Eclipse Java Web Developer Tools
    • Eclipse Web Developer Tools
    • Eclipse XML Editors and Tools
Then click "Next". Click "Next" to know that you see the "Review Licences" window.  In this window select "I accept the terms of the licence agreement" and click "Finish".    Eclipse will start installing the new software.   After installing the plugin, eclipse will ask you to restart Eclipse and select "Yes". After you restart Eclipse, open the Panel for the new project to see the Web folder and the Dynamic
Web Project "option.

When I was configuring Tomcat in Eclipse, I found that in eclipse-preferences-server-runtime environment, clicking the "Add" button, there was no tomcat in it, only a "Java Runtime Library ".

    1. Help, Install New software
    2. Choose "Luna–" site
    3. Expand "Web, XML, and Java EE development"
    4. Check JST Server Adapters (version 3.2.2) and JST server adapters extentions

Once installed, you will be able to see the Tomcat option in the Add button in Server Runtime environments.

Edit:with Eclipse 3.7 Indigo Classic, Eclipse Kepler and Luna, the
Steps is the same (with appropriate update site) but you need both JST server adapters and JST server adapters Extent Ions to get the Server Runtime environment options.

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Eclipse does not have (add) a way to "Dynamic Web Project" options

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