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Solution: Add an existing project to the TFS Solution: The new project cannot be successfully added to the source control

You may be experiencing this problem because your solution files are not properly tied to the TFS serverThe solution is: Open vs2013 file when opening any source file >>Go to File->Source Control->Change Source Control. (in Visual Studio 2012/2013 it ' sFile->Source Control->Advanced->Change Source Control)Look for the "Solution:your solution name" and if it's not bound it'll say "no server". Click on it and then click "Bind" from the toolbar.Referenc

How to add an existing Project

^ How do I join an existing project? ? | Doc feedback | SupportHow can I add an existing project?To locate an existing project which wocould be of interest to you, consider making use o

Add the Cordova framework to an existing Xcode project

$ Cordova Platform LS iOS Project $ Cordova Build iOS 6. Use Xcode to open the project and run it with the following effect:The steps above describe how to build a simple project using Cordova, and then we'll look at how to add Cordova to an exi

Add Cordova to an existing Xcode project in iOS

Add Cordova to an existing Xcode project in iOS The Cordova official website has detailed the steps for creating a PhoneGao project. I will not go into details here. In actual project development, you may need to add Cordova to an

Add Cordova to an existing Xcode project in iOS, cordovaxcode

Add Cordova to an existing Xcode project in iOS, cordovaxcode The Cordova official website has detailed the steps for creating a PhoneGao project. I will not go into details here. In actual project development, you may need to add

Add MAVEN support for an existing Web project

To use MAVEN to build a project, need some upfront preparation, such as installing MAVEN, some knowledge about MAVEN, these can be directly on the internet Baidu, how to install the configuration maven can Baidu, and the JDK configuration is similar, Here's just how to add MAVEN support to an existing Web project.My environment is: myeclipse10+tomcat6.0.26+jdk1.7

Webapi-1 add Webapi to an existing MVC project

(stringLoginId,stringpassword) {Usermodelservice Userbs=NewUsermodelservice (); returnuserbs.validatelogininfo (loginId, password); } }}View Code5. Run the application and call the API. Example:http://localhost:49919/api/systemusers/getuserlist6. Some questionsAfter the above configuration, run the Web page, still can not get the desired results, after detection because I was in the areas built an API folderAs soon as you delete the View folder and the APIAreaRegistration.cs file, the proble

Access TFs through Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project

You can also use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project to connect to TFs by using the following methods: Connect to TFs through Microsoft Excel. After team explorer is installed, Microsoft Excel will have an additional team menu: Excel 2007 Excel 2003 Click "new list" or "New List". A message is displayed, indicating that you have connecte

Customizing the integration fields for Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Project Professional

Users can use Project Professional to connect to TFS, download data to local modifications, and publish to a TFS server, just as you would with Office Excel, if you're accustomed to using project to plan your project, Then the integration of

Change the SharePoint site port in the TFS Project

In the initial configuration of TFS, the company intranet is used. Due to the company's network security restrictions, the host cannot be published on the Internet. After the application by the department, only port 80 is published, change the port of the TFS server to this port. The port 80 used by the SharePoint website associated with the project can only be c

Getting Started with TFS Tutorial-new team Project __ version control tools

Here you need to enter the server name for TFS. For example, my Windows 7 machine: Jlzb2rel. Add the server to the list by adding a button, and then click Close: Here, you can select the server from the combo box, then select Defaultcollection, then click Connect: The Team Explorer tab now has server connections and defaultcollection, but we don't have a TFS

Visual Studio + TFS -- powerful project management tool, studiotfs --

Visual Studio + TFS -- powerful project management tool, studiotfs --I. Preface Microsoft Visual Studio is very powerful. It can be seamlessly integrated with Git or its own TFS (Team Foundation Server) to facilitate project management, from requirement analysis, development, testing, and maintenance, almost throughout

About TFS Add group members, and user rights assignment

First, create a Windows user.II. group membership, TFS--double-click Project collection Administrator, add created Windows users (highest privilege)Third, set permissions:TFS Permissions Complex, in fact, it is not very complex, it just separate the permissions of each part of the control, but the permissions of each part can inherit each other, more points, the

) Use TFs to host your project on codeplex.

Abstract: codeplex is an open-source Engineering website of Microsoft. It involves many open-source projects with the latest Microsoft technologies. At the same time, you can build and present your own open-source projects to the world. Compared with SourceForge and googlecode, codeplex has its own advantages, especially. NET developers, codeplex supports TFs code control (of course, codeplex not only supports TFs

automatically establish the folder structure of the code base when you create a TFS team project

Many customers have told me about the need to automatically create the document structure of the origin code base when creating a team TFS project, such as a folder that resembles the following structure:|-Development|-MAIN|-BUILD|-SOURCE|-TEST|-releasesOne, Team Foundation Server 2012 ScenariosBy analysis, the team Project process template for

TFS modifies the project name

IntroductionHow do I rename a TFS-managed project without losing the change history?Sometimes the name of a project needs to be modified during the project development process to be more prepared to express its functionality due to insufficient upfront consideration at work. This article will be a catalyst for thisOper

[Project organization]-structure refactoring with TFS

/byDylan SUN/There is something you need-pay attention-to-when-you-make a project structure refactoring.You could never delete a project in the TFS and re-add it to the place you want. The This is the lose all the changesets on this project.What are should do are move the project

Solution to confusion between project files and TFs server ing

the server version. 4. Check whether the code management of the project is in the correct Workspace: Open File-> source control-> workspaces..., double-click the current workspace, and check whether the working folder contains the directory where the project is located. If not, add the folder mapping. 5. Back up all engineering files: The foll

Create Team Project in TFs

Label: style blog HTTP ar 2014 SP log on codeStep 1 first connect to the Team Project Manager In this step, enter the link of the TFS server and enter the user name and password. On this page, you have joined the team project. Now let's create a project, Call the team Data Manager and find the currently connected

Androidstudio Git (commit to existing project and get project from remote to local)

two different ways:One is the check out remote code project to local (local originally no project)one is that the local project is submitted to the remote server (no project on the remote server) Method One : Please refer to the article: Blog mode Two applies to

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