Eclipse php wamp configuration tutorial, eclipsewamp

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Eclipse php wamp configuration tutorial, eclipsewamp

Eclipse + php + wamp configuration tutorial, The specific content is as follows:

I have been abused by various configurations to learn php. A simple php configuration is provided. I hope to give some help to my friends who are learning PHP for the first time. I amWin7, 64-bitSystem


Download the software from the wampserver official website. Http://
For java

Because I used eclipse to learn java, I chose to install the php plug-in on the original software.

If you only want to learn php, download eclipse for php directly. Http:// (need computer configured java environment variables), small Editor for everyone to share java environment variable configuration tutorial

1) Java environment variable configuration tutorial

2) how to configure java environment variables

3) graphic explanation of Java environment variable configuration method

4) install Java on Mac OS and configure Environment Variables

5). How to Set Java environment variables (Graphic tutorial)

For beginners, we recommend php100's EPP software at /.

1. wamp Installation

Download the installation package. You do not need to perform any settings until the installation package is completed.

Right-click the icon to select a language.

The wamp software has built-in Apache, php, and mySQL. We do not need to perform tedious settings, which is especially applicable to new users.


Click Localhost. The following page appears in the browser, indicating that wamp is successfully installed.

2. Install eclipse

Download the eclipse installation package, which is a free-of-Installation Software. You can place it anywhere on your computer.

Install the eclipse for php plug-in

In Work with, select-All Available Sites-

3. eclipse + wapm Configuration

Eclipse-> windows-> preferences-> php

4. Run the php Project

Eclipse workspace must be set to www path in wamp

Create a php project and create a php. php file.

Restart eclipse.

Click the run button above. Select the settings above.

Running result display:

4. End

This article provides an extremely simple php entry, software settings, and hope to help new users.

The above is all the content of this article. I hope it will be helpful for your learning and support for helping customers.

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