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This book introduces 57 useful rules of thumb in Java programming that cover the solutions that most developers face on a daily basis. A comprehensive description of the technologies used by the Java platform design experts reveals what should be done and what should not be done to produce clear, robust, and efficient code.

Each of the rules in this book appears as short, independent articles that contain detailed and precise recommendations, as well as in-depth analysis of many of the nuances of the language, and are further explained by example code. Throughout the book is a common language usage design pattern, as well as some enlightening techniques.

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Joshua Bloch is a senior engineer at Sun and the designer of the Java Platform Core Group. He designed and implemented the award-winning Java collections framework and Java.math software packages and contributed to other parts of the Java platform. Joshua is the author of many technical articles and papers, and his doctoral dissertation on abstract data Object replication has been nominated for the ACM Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award. He holds a bachelor's degree from Columbia University and a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University.

Pan Zhejiang Haining People, is currently serving in the Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Peking University, associate researcher; The research direction is information security (including network security and public key technology) and software development (including component technology and model); The main works are "COM Principles and Applications", and translated "Visual C + + technology Insider" (4th edition), "com Essence" and "C + + Primer Chinese version" and so on.

Catalogue/Translator Sequence
Chapter II Creating and Destroying objects
1th: Consider replacing constructors with static factory methods
2nd: Hardening Singleton properties with private constructors
3rd: Hardening of Non-instantiated properties through private constructors
4th: Avoid creating duplicate objects
Article 5: Elimination of object references to periods
6th: Avoid using the terminating function
Chapter III methods that are common to all objects
Fourth chapter classes and interfaces
Fifth the substitution of C language structure
Sixth Chapter Method
The seventh Chapter general programming
Eighth Chapter exception
Chapter Nineth Threading
The tenth chapter of serialization
Chinese and English terminology control
Reference documents
Patterns and customary usage indexes

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Effective Java Chinese version 2nd edition PDF

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