ElasticSearch Study Notes-Installation and elasticsearch Learning

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ElasticSearch Study Notes-Installation and elasticsearch Learning


1. Install ElasticSearch


Detailed installation steps are provided on this page.

2. Install the Head plug-in

The head plug-in can manage elasticsearch clusters, manage indexes, and other information. It is easy to use, that is, the interface is a bit ugly, but ugly, it is easy to use.

The head plug-in of version 5.4 does not support direct installation of plug-ins. The head of this version is only a node site. It is pulled down by git and npm can be started.

That's it. In the above address box, write the address of port 9200 on your es server. However, if this is the case, there will be a cross-domain problem. Therefore, we recommend that you install nginx. Once and for all, other websites in the future can be forwarded through nginx, instead of modifying the site configuration because only Intranet access is enabled by default,

Nginx configuration is also convenient, that is, adding a location node to forward the path of a specific request to localhost: 9200. For example, you can forward/es/head/to localhost: 9100, forward/es/to localhost: 9200 to solve the cross-domain problem.

That's simple. OK.

2. Use a supervisor to host ElasticSearch:

The previous article introduced how to use the supervisor. here we can use the supervisor to manage the es and eshead.

That is, open the configuration file and add the following nodes:

Supervisorctl: update and manage it.


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