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Inspired by the Go Ultimate guide: Writing a go tool, the idea of encapsulating the gomodifytags into a emacs-plugin, and then a two-week effort, was born Emacs-go-tag. emacs-go-tagimplemented two commands: go-tag-add add struct field tag, go-tag-remove delete struct field tag.

Installation dependencies

emacs-go-tagThere are two dependencies, gomodifytags and Go-mode.el, if using Emacs to do go development go-mode.el should already be in use. Gomodifytags installation is as follows:

go get -u github.com/fatih/gomodifytags


Currently Emacs-go-tag has been published on Melpa and can be installed using the following command:
M-x package-install [RET] go-tag [RET]
If you do not find Go-tag, you need to use the following command to refresh, and then use the above command to install:
M-x package-refresh-contents [RET]


gomodifytagsThree types of conversions are currently supported:

    • Snakecase:basedomain-Base_domain
    • Camelcase:basedomain-Basedomain
    • Lispcase:basedomain-Base-domain

Default use snakecase , if you are ready to use camelcase , can be configured as follows:

(setq go-tag-args (list "-transform" "camelcase"))

Example of a shortcut key configuration:

(with-eval-after-load 'go-mode  (define-key go-mode-map (kbd "C-c t") #'go-tag-add)  (define-key go-mode-map (kbd "C-c T") #'go-tag-remove))

Instructions for use

If you have experience using Vim-go GoAddTags and GoRemoveTags commands, then you will be very quick to get started emacs-go-tag because the two behaviors are exactly the same (if different, please feedback).


:[range] go-tag-add [key],[option] [key1],[option] …
Add a tag to the struct field. If called in a struct, the JSON field tag is added automatically. If it is called outside the struct, or if the file is malformed, an error message is given.

If given [range] , only the selected field will be changed.

The default JSON can be changed by providing one or more [key] parameters. Examples of adding XML and DB are:
:go-tag-add xml db

If provided, the tag [option] will be added together, option or the existing tag can be modified. As follows:
:go-tag-add json,omitempty

You can also define a constant value instead of the default field-based value. For example, the following command adds ' valid: ' 1 ' to all fields.
:go-tag-add valid=1


:[range] go-tag-add [key],[option] [key1],[option] …
Removes the field marker from the structure field. If called in a struct, it will automatically delete all the field tags. If called outside of the struct definition, or if the file is malformed, an error message is given.

If given [range] , only the selected field will be changed.

If given [key] , only those key-related tags will be deleted. Only JSON-related tags are removed as follows:
:go-tag-remove json

If it is [option] [key] passed together, it will only be deleted option . For example, the following command removes the Omitempty option only from fields that contain JSON:
:go-tag-remove json,omitempty

At last

Thanks to GoCN每日新闻 The daily push, I was able to read the Go Ultimate guide: Write a go tool and get this done emacs-plugin . Project Address: Https://github.com/brantou/em, welcome to use and could be free questions, if you feel that it helps you 就给颗星 .

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