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This paper is based on the iTOP-4418 Development Board, if you have not modified the dynamic logo, may be a multi-party search data is a bit difficult. But after doing that, for some simple replacement of dynamic logo is not a problem.

1. First open android/device/nexell/drone2/device.mk, where you find device/nexell/drone2/bootanimation.zip:system/media/ Bootanimation.zip this sentence.

The function of this sentence is to copy the produced dynamic graph bootanimation.zip into the system.img. Xun's source code in this sentence is blocked, because this is Nexell company's dynamic logo. When this sentence is blocked, the system uses Android's dynamic logo by default. Here we need to remove the shield.

So our goal is to make a dynamic diagram of our own to replace this nexell. Here first the name of the Bootanimation.zip to other names, or delete. and delete bootanimation.zip under directory Android/out/target/product/drone2/system/media.

2. Find a dynamic map on the internet and use the Ulead GIF animator software to divide the dynamic graph into its original frame state. This software please download it yourself, because it is too big to pass up. It's really easy to convert to every frame. Use shortcut keys to ctrl+e. Note here to save the image in PNG format, the resolution is not greater than the screen can withstand the range. Then put it in the new folder, and the folder is named Part0.

3. Create a new text document named Desc.txt. And then enter the content inside.

433 140 5

P 0 0 Part0

The first line means that the resolution of each frame in part0 is 433*140, displaying 5 frames per second, modifying it according to its own circumstances;

The second line means that the image in the part0 is looped until the board starts to finish.

4. Put the part0 and desc.txt of the above two steps into the android/device/nexell/drone2 below. Run instructions zip-r-0 bootanimation.zip part0 desc.txt generate our own dynamic map files: bootanimation.zip

5. compile and burn.

Learn more about: http://topeetboard.com Learn more about: https://arm-board.taobao.com

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Embedded Development Board-WebEx for 4418 Development Board modified Android dynamic logo content sharing

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