Exclusive tips! How to unlock new mobile apps

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Exclusive tips! How to unlock new mobile apps

As more and more enterprises are paying attention to and devote themselves to the mobile business, the demand for mobile development is also increasing, and the number of people proficient in mobile development has become in short supply. However, to become a hot developer, You need to constantly develop new skills. This article will focus on the Azure mobile service to show how it can help developers unlock new skills?


Features and functions of Azure mobile applications
  • Data Access

➤ Provides a mobile-friendly Odatav3 data source that can be linked to SQL Azure or local SQL Server.

Using the EntityFramework, this service can be easily integrated with other NoSQL and SQL data sources, including Azure Table Storage, MongoDB, DocumentDB, and SaaS API providers.


  • Offline Synchronization

The butler client SDK allows you to easily build powerful responsive mobile applications.

➤ Uses offline data sets of Office Sync, including support for hedging solutions. mobile applications can automatically synchronize data with backend data.


So what value does it bring to developers? It can be divided into the following directions.

It helps developers build Android, iOS, and Windows applications and take full advantage of Azure and other cloud services. Azure mobile application service helps connect commercial and business mobile applications to cloud computing-based storage, identity authentication, push notifications, and custom server-side programs, reducing the workload of developers, and sdks that help to group Azure resources and assist in mobile application development.

For example, developers can use sdks and REST APIs to access mobile apps without implementing the server-side infrastructure code. Authentication can be performed by the identity Provider, such as the Microsoft account and Azure Active Directory.

Moreover, mobile app push notifications can be sent to the client using the Azure notification center, which supports cross-platform and large-scale notification push (for example, millions of notifications can be sent within several minutes. emails, voices, and text messages sent to customers can also be executed on schedule or on demand using server scripts.

With these services, developers can simplify a lot of work processes and focus more on developing high-quality products. This is also the original intention of Microsoft to develop this service.

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