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1. Have your project team used the source code management tool?

It should be used. VSS, CVS, PVCS, ClearCase, CCC/Harvest, and FireFly are all supported. My choice is VSS.

2. Have your project team used the defect management system?

It should be used. ClearQuest is too complex. My recommendation is BugZilla.

3. Are your test groups still using Word to write test cases?

Do not use Word to write Test cases ). You should use a dedicated system, either Test Manager or a small ASP. NET Website. The main objective is Track and Browse.

4. Have you set up a portal for your project team?

There must be a portal for storing the Contact Info, Baselined Schedule, News, and so on. We recommend that you implement Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 in 15 minutes. WSS (Windows Sharepoint Service) is not supported for SPS 2003 ).

5. Have you purchased the best tools for your project team?

Try to use the best tools to work. For example, you should use VS. NET instead of Notepad to write C #. Writing programs with Notepad is mostly just a show. However, we also need to consider funding, so we say "you can buy the best ".

6. Do your programmers work in a quiet environment?

It requires a quiet environment. This is extremely important, and it is necessary to ensure that the space of each person is larger than a certain area.

7. does each of your employees have a phone number? A call is required for each person. In addition, it is best to bring the message function on the phone. Of course, the cost of such a phone system with a message is not small. But at least one phone number is required for each person. Do not make it so often that someone stands up and calls "a certain phone number ". This practice is strongly condemned in man-piece.

8. Do you all know who to look?

You should know. Each Feature should have at least one Owner. Of course, the Owner can continue Dispatch to others.

9. Someone said, "I thought ..." ?

To eliminate "what I think ". Never assume anything.

10. Are all people in your project team sitting together?

Yes. I am opposed to Virtual Team and Dev development in the United States and Test in China. It is best to sit together when you can sit together.

11. Does your schedule reflect the latest development progress?

It should be reflected. However, you should use the Baseline method to manage the Schedule: maintain a stable Schedule, and then maintain the latest change. The Baseline method should also be used for other Spec. Baseline is an important means in change management.

12. do you estimate your workload by yourself?

Everyone should make their own estimation. Estimate the workload from the bottom, rather than from the top down. Unless there are other reasons, such as fixed political tasks.

13. Did your developers work overtime from the very beginning of the project?

Do not. Do not get tired at the beginning. Working overtime from the very beginning of the project can only indicate that the project progress is unreasonable. Of course, some software outsourcing to Japan must work overtime every day, which belongs to the scope of exploitation.

14. Is the Buffer Time added after each small task in your project plan?

No. The Buffer Time is added after each small task, which can be easily consumed. Buffer Time must be added to the entire segment before a Milestone or checkpoint.

15. It is worthwhile to spend more time, from 95% to 100%.

Especially when the project is not busy in the future, stick to it. This will bring a qualitative difference to the product.

16. Have the reproduction steps been written during registration of new defects?

Yes. This is a means of communication between Dev and Test. Face-to-face communication is required, as well as Repro Steps.

17. Will known defects be solved before new code writing? Yes. Each person's defects cannot exceed 10 or 15. Otherwise, you must solve the old bug before continuing to write new code.

18. Do you have any prior agreements on priority of defects?

Must be defined. Severity should be divided into 1, 2, and 3, agreed: blue screen and Data Lost calculate Sev 1, Function Error calculate Sev 2, and Sev 3 on the interface. However, such conventions can be adjusted according to the product quality status.

19. Do you have any defect in the Three Kingdoms meeting? Yes. There must be a clear decision-making process. This is similar to the concept of CCB (Change Control Board.

20. Are all defects closed by the registrants?

The Bug should be disabled by Opener. Dev cannot disable bugs without permission.

21. Do your programmers hate to modify old code?

Dislike is normal. The solution is to organize the Code Review and set aside time. XP is also a method.

22. Does your project Team have a Team Morale Activity?

Every month, you have to have dinner, singing, Outing, playing, and karting. Don't leave the money.

23. Do your project team have their own Logo?

You must have your own Logo. At least have your own Codename.

24. Do your employees have T-shirts with company logos?

Yes. Enhance the sense of belonging. Of course, T-Shirt looks better. It is best to use 80 cotton. Don't wear it a few times.

25. The general manager shall attend at least one project group meeting each month.

Make team member think that the senior management should pay attention to this project.

26. do you open a branch for each Dev?

Objection. Branch Management and Merge work too much and are prone to errors.

27. Does someone keep checking-In code for a long time?

No. For most projects, Check-In should be performed In a maximum of two or three days.

28. Have you filled In comments when checking-In code?

You have to write at least one or two sentences, for example, "Fixed Bug No. 225 ". If you pull to a height, this is also part of the "configuration audit.

29. Have you set the daily Check-In deadline?

Check-In Deadline. Otherwise, the Break is built.

30. Can you compile all source code into an installation file at once?

Yes. This is the basis for Daily compilation (Daily Build. It must also be automated.

31. Do your project team perform daily compilation?

Of course. Three things are required for software projects/product development: 1. bug management; 2. source control; 3. daily build.

32. Have your company accumulated a project risk list?

Yes. Risk Inventory. Otherwise, at the beginning of the next project, you can only pat your head to analyze Risk.

33. The simpler the design, the simpler the better.

There may be endless troubles in the future when there is one more sentence in design. We should be brave in cutting from the very beginning. This is called scope management.

34. Use existing products, technologies, and code as much as possible. BizTalk and Sharepoint are the best examples. With these two as the basis, the starting point can be improved a lot. Or you can try to use the ready-to-use Control. Or try to use XML instead of Parse a text file. Try to use RegExp instead of operating strings from the beginning. This is the embodiment of "Software Reuse.

35. Will you stop and consolidate the code after a while?

Yes. It takes about one month. It is rumored that at the beginning of last year, the Windows Group stopped for a month under the Stevb command to enhance security. Btw, the word "hang", first.

36. Do everyone in your project team write a Daily Report?

To write. Five minutes is enough. I wrote about 10 sentences and told my team what I did today. One is to communicate, and the other is to spur yourself (if you are idle for a day, you will be embarrassed to write ).

37. Will your project manager issue a Weekly Report?

Yes. It is also for communication. The content includes the current progress, possible risks, quality status, and progress of various jobs.

38. Do your project team have at least one plenary meeting every week?

Yes. Make sure you have a meeting. Programmers hate meetings, but every week's meetings should last at least four hours. Includes team meeting, spec review meeting, and bug triage meeting. Never try to write code.

39. Are there records of meetings and discussions in your project team?

Before the meeting, send a meeting request and agenda. Someone in the meeting will host and record the meeting minutes, which is the key point of valid meeting. In addition, agreements and action items must be formed for each meeting.

40. Do other departments know what your project team is doing?

Send some Newsflash to the entire organization. Show your team's value. Otherwise, when you are sitting in the elevator and people from other departments ask, "what are you doing?" And when you answer "ABC Project", others don't know at all. That is not a good feeling.

41. all formal communication via Email

The advantage of Email is to avoid credit. However, we also need to avoid correction. The best way is to first talk to the user by phone and then Email for confirmation.

42. Create multiple Mailing groups for the project team

If you are using AD + Exchange, create a Distribution List. For example, I will create ABC Project Core Team, ABC Project Dev Team, ABC Project All Testers,

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