Famous saying about health care (spring, summer, autumn, and winter .)

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Health care Famous saying (Spring, summer, autumn, and winter .) 2010-02-20 08:48

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

1. It is advisable to eat less sour food in Spring: Eat less sour food in spring, and add some sweets as appropriate;

2. Increase or decrease in the summer but suffer: Increase in the summer diet;

3. Easy to add acid in autumn: reduce the amount of salt in autumn;

4. It is recommended that the winter course be bitter or not salty.


Five flavors: acid into the liver, Xin into the lung, bitter into the heart, salty into the kidney, Gan into the spleen, is five



Such as: Spring (Provincial acid increasing Gan), summer (Provincial bitter increasing Xin, xiang), long summer (Lunar Calendar in June, provincial sweet increasing xian), autumn (Provincial increasing acid) and winter (saving salt and increasing hardship) Health difference in five seasons. Work, diet, and sleep are arranged according to the theory of "Noon. Achieve "Heaven and Man" integration.

Classic: the liver is green, and the food is preferred. Glutinous Rice, beef, jujube, and Kwai are all Gan.

Red heart, should eat acid. Beans, dogs, plums, and mushrooms are sour.
Lung color white, should eat bitter. Mai, mutton, apricot, and Sichuan are all bitter.

the spleen is yellow and should be salty. Soy, pork, Chestnut, and pork are all salty.
kidney black, Yi Shixin. Porn, chicken, peach, and scallions.
Xin San, acid harvest, Gan slow, bitter, and salty. Attack viruses. Smell together to make up for lean.
these five members benefit from, or are scattered, or accept, or slow, or urgent, or solid, or soft. Four times five dirty, disease with five flavor should also.

Five flavors: acid into the liver, Xin into the lung, bitter into the heart, salty into the kidney, Gan into the spleen, is five.

Seven major nutrients:

Water: 55% -- 65%

Protein 20%

Body fat: 15%

Carbohydrate: 2%

Vitamin: 1%

Minerals: 5%

Cellulose 0%


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