Find recently modified file commands in Linux

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If there are any problems with the website or the server, you will first think about whether the file on the server has been modified, and search will use the Find command as follows:

Finds files in the current directory. php file that have been modified in the last 30 minutes.

Find. -name ' *.php '-type f-mmin-30

Find out more about the files that have been modified in the last 30 minutes in the. html file in the current directory.

Find. -name ' *.html '-type f-mmin-30-ls

Finds regular files that have been modified in the current directory for the last 1 days.

Find. -type f-mtime-1

Finds regular files that have been modified in the current directory for the last 1 days (2 days).

Find. -type F-mtime +1

If you want to look for changes to the files in the/home directory, Cd/home and then run the lookup, so it's easy to troubleshoot if you have a problem.

Find files in the/dir directory before the change time in 1st
# find dir/-type f-mtime +1

-mtime: A document that has been altered for a specified time, meaning file? Jes. br/>-ctime: A file that has been changed for a specified time, meaning that file permissions have been changed
-atime: A file that has been accessed for a specified time, meaning that the file has been read

Find the 3-day "previous" files that were changed (before the third day before →2011/09/05 12:00) (> 72 hours)
find/var/log/-mtime +3-type F-print

Find out 3 days, missing an acre?? Nigerian Fundraiser (2011/09/05 12:00 ~ 2011/09/08 12:00? (0 ~ 72 hours??)
find/var/log/-mtime-3-type F-print

Find out which documents were changed on the 3rd day (2011/09/04 12:00 ~ 2011/09/05 12:00? (72 ~ 96 hours)

find/var/log/-mtime 3-type F-print

Find out which files were changed on the 3rd day (or write them)
find/var/log/-mtime +2-mtime-4-type f-print


Find files by file modification time
  (n+1) *24h before |    (n+1) *24h~n*24h    |n*24h-ctime-n    Find files modified in n*24h now
-ctime n     Find files that have been modified in the (n+1) *24h before now n*24h
-ctime +n    Find the file modified before (n+1) *24h [a|c|m]min  & nbsp [Last visit | final Status Modification | Final content modification]min
[a|c|m]time    [last visit | final state Modification | Last content modify]timelinux file three time (take find for example):
Atime last access time, such as LS, more, but chmod, chown, LS, stat, etc. will not modify some time, use Ls-utl can be viewed in this chronological order;
CTime The last state modification time, such as chmod, Chown and other state time changes but the modification time does not change, using stat file can be viewed;
Mtime Last content modification time, such as VI after saving, changes in time, Atime and CTime also changed accordingly. NOTE:
Linux does not record the creation time of the file, unless the file has not changed since its inception, then its creation The time of construction is the last time it was modified.
#ls-lt/home/admin   # View in modified chronological order
#ls-lut/home/admin  # View
(if you want to reverse-order, you need to add an option-R)

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