First lesson before getting started with python how to get started with python, first lesson before getting started with python

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First lesson before getting started with python how to get started with python, first lesson before getting started with python

With the advent of the AI era, many articles have said: "If you don't know python, you don't want to say you are a programmer." This is a bit exaggerated, but I think the current python language is worth learning, and python is a must-have skill for high-paying programmers.

Many beginners of Python are faced with many questions. How should we arrange the Python learning steps? How long can I be proficient?

How to arrange Python learning steps:

First, it is applicable to learning Python programming technology by yourself or attending training. Everyone has their own learning methods and methods.

1. Define your learning objectives

No matter what kind of knowledge we learn, we must have a clear understanding of our learning objectives. Only in this way can we continue to move forward toward the goal and avoid detours, so as to be improved in the learning process and enjoy the whole learning pleasure.

Ii. Basic Python Learning

1. What is Python and what can be done?
2. Know what variables, algorithms, and interpreters are.
3. Basic Python Data Types
4. List and metadata operation methods
5. String operation method
6. Basic dictionary operations

After you have mastered the above, you can take the next step. If you do not know about it, you can search for it online, or read books, notes, and basic learning videos.

3. Understand Python's conditions, loops, and related execution statements

The basic knowledge of any knowledge is boring. Now we can do something logically. Master the use of such statements as if, else, elif, while, for, continue, break, and list derivation, as well as program exception handling.

4. object-oriented Knowledge

In the face of object OOP, a higher level Python program structure, code reuse avoids code redundancy, packaging your code, function parameters, scopes, and so on.
Class, which helps us reduce a lot of development time and improve programming efficiency, which is critical to medium and large projects.

V. Project Practices

At this stage, we must practice more, always believe that our practice is the only criterion for testing truth, find and handle errors and exceptions encountered during the process, and search online when encountering problems.

After successfully solving these problems, you will have a great sense of accomplishment. Such a virtuous circle is the biggest motivation for you to learn Python.

The above is a summary of the steps and procedures for learning Python.

Many beginners have this question: How long does it take for Python to learn and be proficient?

How long does it take to learn Python?

If you learn Python from scratch, it may take about six months to a year and a half based on your understanding.
Of course, if you have experience in other programming languages, you can get started very quickly. It may take 2 ~ You can compile some simple applications in Python within three months.
A beginner or a friend with a certain degree of Foundation, an experienced person who takes his or her own learning courses or takes Python training courses, will get started in about one month, about 3 months ago, I had a comprehensive understanding of Python and achieved my own programming capability to solve problems.

How long does it take to be proficient in Python?

Any knowledge is quick to get started. It takes time to develop proficient programs. This is a gradual and intense process.
Proficient in any programming language, you need to accumulate experience through a lot of practices to solve various difficult problems encountered, read others' source code, and share your own code splitting process, to be proficient in all aspects of Python. From the very beginning of programming, we should constantly write code, practice, modify, and summarize experiences, so that we can become proficient.

A programmer proficient in Python Program Computing knows many ways to solve the same problem and can choose the most efficient one!

If you have any questions during the learning process or want to obtain learning resources, please leave a message.

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