First step: Uninstall the "WiFi Master key" on your phone! Will share the WiFi in their home

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Landlord today's home WiFi card does not, thought, 20M Telecom fiber no reason so card! So on the internet to find a lot of information, the next unified collection to everyone!
First step: Uninstall the "WiFi Master key" on your phone!

first WiFi password settings not too simple, such as pure digital, pure English and so on!
once installed with this software, no matter how you change the WiFi password, you will always be rubbed nets! Do not think this software is how powerful, in fact, this software is a real "rogue" software, the principle is that the software will automatically collect and share your home WiFi password, so that all users who install this software can connect to your home wifi in seconds, Of course, those who install the software's own WiFi password will be automatically shared, this is the use of people's greed and curiosity, the user completely unaware of the situation to share their home WiFi password! Decisively uninstall it!

The second step: Routing settings, turn off the SSID broadcast, let ordinary users do not do!
This method is enough to deal with ordinary users, (if there is a brick nearby to crack your WiFi, you will recognize it ...) )
let the friends who play to add the SSID manually! In fact, the way to crack WiFi password many online, but are built in the other side can see your wifi signal, whether it is to raise the poor running pin method or grasp the handshake package, the way to run the dictionary is the same, as long as you put your own WiFi name hidden can avoid these methods to crack out of their own home WiFi password, In fact, I often use the way to run a pin to crack the nearby WiFi password, a broken a quasi, and no matter how the other side how to modify the WiFi password, as long as the other side did not change the PIN code, I can use qss arbitrary connection of his home route!!!

Step three: Bind the MAC address!
If none of the above has helped you, then this method is absolutely useful! As long as the device's MAC address is bound, the router can only provide those devices that are bound to the Internet, and all other devices are intercepted! The only trouble is to have friends to your home to play, you have to put your friend's MAC address also bound up! After all, there will be lost!

Finally, to provide everyone to see a video, see how those big God is how to crack WiFi password, the enemy, Baizhanbudai!
reply is visible! Next time to teach you how to run a pin to rub the net ...

First step: Uninstall the "WiFi Master key" on your phone! Will share the WiFi in their home

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