[Five] class loading mechanism the parent delegation mechanism underlying code implementation principle Source Analysis Java class loading How the parent delegation mechanism is implemented

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Launcher Startup Class
This article is the source analysis part of the parent delegation mechanism, and the parent delegation model in the class loading mechanism is very important for the stable operation of the JVM.But the source is actually relatively simple, then briefly introducelet's start with the startup class.there is a Launcher class Sun.misc.Launcher;take a closer look at this short line of comments to get useful informationPS: Directly inside the IDE to view the anti-compilation, do not see the comments, you can download openjdk view the source code, my version is openjdk-8-src-b132-03_mar_2014
This class is the initiator that the system uses to start the main application
construction Method Launcher () has done four things
Creating an Extension class loader
To create an application class loader
Set Contextclassloader
If you need to install Safety Manager Security Manager
where launcher is STAITC, so the initialization will create the object, that is, trigger the construction method, so the initialization time will be executed the above four steps Extclassloader and Appclassloader are both static inner classes of launcher.and they're all ClassLoader implementations.Take a look at the key steps in the creation of Extclassloaderalso looking at the key steps in the creation of AppclassloaderIn addition, there arestatic variables in the Launcher classyou should be able to imagine what these three are, and if you don't, you need to study it again .system.getproperty ("Sun.boot.class.path")system.getproperty ("Java.ext.dirs")system.getproperty ("Java.class.path") ClassLoader's Construction Method  as I said earlier, there are only two kinds of loaders for virtual machinesstart the ClassLoader and everything else, and all the others are Java.lang.ClassLoader subclassesso if you want to customize the ClassLoader, you must inherit the implementation ClassLoaderAnd , as we said above, the Appclassloader and Extclassloader provided by Java are all ClassLoader subclasses.look at the construction methods and variables of the ClassLoader parent you will find that the construction method actually has only two-parameter versions of this kindThe second parameter is parent, which is a classloader that records his parent ClassLoader
regardless of which construction method is called The parent is bound to be initialized either you call a constructor with parameters and explicitly specify one to set the parent If you do not specify, the default constructor method will use the Appclassloader returned by Getsystemclassloader to set the parent  
PS:In many places in this article, I've added a few spaces between the parent and class loader in the parent ClassLoaderdo not understand it as a parent ClassLoader,< parent ClassLoader > refers to the class loader's load order hierarchy precedence rather than the parent class in the inheritance relationship that is usually said to mean his previous level
Getsystemclassloader getting the Appclassloader process
then look back. Construction of the Application class loaderThe extension ClassLoader was passed to him as a parameter, and he finally called the constructor of a parameter of ClassLoader. set Extclassloader to Appclassloader's parentand Extclassloader, his parent is nullPS: Startup ClassLoader is part of the virtual machine and may be c/c++/java implemented, so it is not part of the Java languageSo for Java itself, it can be said that he does not exist, but the JVM is aware of hisSo, here is null, and parent is null to indicate that his parent ClassLoader is the Launcher class loader or maybe it is the bootloader itself. LoadClass and FindclassTo implement the ClassLoader, you need to inherit ClassLoader and there are two important ways.look at the statement of two important methods, you may feel it, think about public and protected what is the meaning?
The LoadClass method is a method that the ClassLoader executes to load class logic, including checking whether it has been loaded, calling the parent class to load, and failing to use the Findclass method to load
Findclass the actual behavior of the current ClassLoader for loading binary streams
The LoadClass method in Launcher.appclassloader, which is ultimately called Super.loadclass, is actually the LoadClass method of ClassLoader Launcher.extclassloader simply did not implement their own LoadClass method, so the use of ClassLoader in the
and look at the LoadClass method of ClassLoader.He will call the parent's LoadClass method, and if his parent is not empty, it will be called until the top-most startup class loaderif the Startup class loader is still not found, then call itself FindclassWhat if you call Findclass load failed ?Obviously, after the function call is finished, it is returned to the call point location, the form of the call stack .That is, afterMust continue to carry out his next paragraph.If you don't throw an exception, you're going to come down here.apparently this completes a whole parent-delegated class loading modeSummarizeLauncher as Initiatorcreated the Extclassloader and AppclassloaderThey are all classloader subclasses, and ClassLoader has a parent that points to his class loaderIt is this property that completes the top-down prioritization of the order of precedence levelsfor Sun built-in Extclassloader as well as Appclassloader and launch class loaders Bootstrap their hierarchyBootstrap>extclassloader>extclassloaderand they each have a different division of laborthrough the LoadClass method of ClassLoader, their invocation logic is determined, that is, the parent delegation mechanismeach level will pass the class load request upward, and only the upper parent ClassLoader call fails to attempt to loadParental delegation mechanism is of great significance, resulting in higher security and other advantagesBut the logic of his implementation is really simple.a loadclass will take care of it.Findclass is the specific behavior of the class loader's own load classSo, if you don't need to destroy the parent delegation mechanism, you just need to override this method toif you want to fully customize the logic mechanism of your classloader, directly overwrite LoadClass, of course, you may also need to continue overwriting findclass

[Five] class loading mechanism the parent delegation mechanism underlying code implementation principle Source Analysis Java class loading How the parent delegation mechanism is implemented

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