Five ways to stitch a python string

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The concatenation of strings is very common, but if the gap between each method is revealed in a large number of processes, it must be understood.

#-*-coding:utf-8-*-#@Time: 2018/6/8 22:42#@Author: Eleven#@File: Five Ways to string concatenation. py#@Software: Pycharm" "method One: plus splicing" "a='life is short .'b='I use Python'R= A +bPrint(R)" "method Two: Use the% operator" "a='life is short .'b='I use Python'R='%s%s'%(A, b)Print(R)" "method Three: Use the Format method" "a='life is short .'b='I use Python'R='{}{}'. Format (A, b)Print(R)" "method Four: Use F-string" "a='life is short .'b='I use Python'R= f'{a}{b}'Print(R)" "method Five: Str.join ()" "a='life is short .'b='I use Python'C='Hello World'R='1'. Join ([A, B, c])Print(R)" "Summary: The connection string is less f-str and the plus sign connects the connection string with the F-str and Str,join methods" "

Mindset is important.

9, eyes do not always open so big, and I ask you, hundred years later, that is your.

10, want to know the World sword Rob, but listen to the midnight sound of the slaughter door. Do not just complain about their sickness, disaster, more see violent death in your knife of sentient beings and how many?

11, hatred of others is a great loss for themselves.

12, each person has life, but not everyone knows life, and even cherish life. Life is a punishment for a man who does not know his life.

13. The person who thinks he owns wealth is actually owned by wealth.

14, the situation is the cause of distress, put down the love, you can get comfortable.

15, the fate is not to muddle through, procrastination, but to listen to the fate of personnel.

16, do not be too sure of their views, this looks less regret.

17. When you are honest with yourself, no one in the world can deceive you.

18. It is shameful to use the means of harming others to conceal one's shortcomings.

Five ways to stitch a python string

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