Fixed the error 100010 when ShopNC was connected via QQ.

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This article describes how to fix the 100010 error message when ShopNC is connected using QQ, and how to handle the problem in QQ interconnection, if you have a need, refer to QQ Interconnection. do not allow Hash in URLs, but what is ShopNC by default? Act = toqq & op = g. Therefore, setting failure or 100010 error may occur.

1. create a/shop/api_qq.php file.
2. modify/shop/api/qq/comm/config. php

$ _ SESSION ["callback"] = SHOP_SITE_URL. "/api_qq.php ";

3. enter http: // domain name/shop/api_qq.php for QQ interconnection


<? Php/*** Portal file ** unified portal for initialization information *** @ copyright Copyright (c) 2007-2013 ShopNC Inc .( ) * @ License /* @ Link /* @ Since File available since Release v1.1 */define ('base _ path', str_replace ('\\','/', dirname (_ FILE _); require_once (dirname (_ FILE __)). '/global. php '); session_save_path (BASE_DATA_PATH.DS. 'session '); require_once (BASE_DATA_PATH.DS. 'config/config. ini. php '); if (! Empty ($ config) & is_array ($ config) {$ site_url = $ config ['shop _ site_url ']; $ version = $ config ['version']; $ setup_date = $ config ['Setup _ date']; $ gip = $ config ['gip']; $ dbtype = $ config ['dbdriver ']; $ dbcharset = $ config ['DB'] [1] ['dbcharset']; $ dbserver = $ config ['DB'] [1] ['dbhost']; $ dbserver_port = $ config ['DB'] [1] ['dbport']; $ dbname = $ config ['DB'] [1] ['dbname']; $ db_pre = $ config ['tablepre']; $ dbuser = $ config ['DB'] [1] ['dbuser']; $ dbpasswd = $ config ['DB'] [1] ['dbpwd']; $ lang_type = $ config ['Lang _ type']; $ cookie_pre = $ config ['cookie _ pre'];} define ('shop _ SITE_URL ', $ site_url); include 'api/qq/oauth/qq_callback.php ';

Appendix: Solutions for 100010 errors in QQ interconnection using other programs


1. First, go to the QQ internet official website, which can be found in Baidu search. After entering, find "login" in the upper-right corner. you can use QQ for quick logon;

2. after logging on, go to the "management center" and find "create application". because we are connecting our websites, select the website type, as shown in. Of course, if you want to connect to a mobile app, you can choose a mobile app;

3. after the selection, enter the website information. It also needs to verify the website. I will not go into details here. It is important to fill in the callback address.

4. when you enter the callback address and log on to the website after configuring QQ connection, the redirect uri is illegal (100010) error may occur. do not close the window at this time, find the URL shown in the address bar of the error window;

5. enter the URL following redirect_uri in the callback address bar. Use QQ to log on.


As many people on the Internet say, the callback address must be consistent. Here we will show you what the callback addresses are and how to make them consistent.

The above is the solution to the logon error redirect uri is illegal (100010) during QQ Interconnection. I hope it will help you!

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