Fixed the error where no boot device is available after Ubuntu is installed.

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Fixed the error where no boot device is available after Ubuntu is installed.

Usually, I will install and start both Ubuntu and Windows systems, but this time I decided to completely eliminate Windows pure installation of Ubuntu. After Pure Ubuntu installation is complete, no bootable device found is output on the screen instead of entering the GRUB interface. Apparently, the UEFI boot settings are screwed up.

No boot device is available after Ubuntu is installed.

I will tell you how I fixed the error of no bootable device found after installing Ubuntu on Acer notebook. I declare that I am using Acer flexibility R13, which is important because we need to change the firmware settings, which may vary with the manufacturer and device.

Therefore, before proceeding to the steps described here, let's take a look at the status of my computer when this error occurs:

  • My Acer galaxy R13 comes pre-installed with Windows 8.1 and UEFI Boot manager
  • Secure boot is not closed. (My notebook has just been repaired, and the repair staff has enabled it again until something went wrong ). Read this blog post to learn how to disable secure boot in Acer's notebook)
  • I chose to clear everything and install Ubuntu, such as the existing Windows 8.1 and various partitions.
  • After Ubuntu is installed, I see no boot device error during hard drive startup. But can be started from the USB device

In my opinion, the failure to disable secure boot may be the cause of this error. However, I have no data to support my point of view. This is just a hunch. Interestingly, the two Grub problems often occur when Windows and Linux are started on both systems:

  • Error: no grub rescue Partition
  • Supports minimal BASH-style row editing.

If you encounter a similar situation, you can try my solution.


Fixed the error of no boot device after Ubuntu installation.

Forgive me for poor image quality. My one plus camera cannot take a notebook screen very well.


Step 1

Turn off the power and enter the boot settings. I need to quickly press Fn + F2 on Acer's R13. If you use a solid state drive, it will take a very fast start because it is very fast. It depends on your manufacturer. You may need Del, F10, or F12.


Step 2

In the Boot settings, make sure that Secure Boot is enabled ). It is in the Boot tag.


Step 3

Go to the Security tab, find "Select an UEFI file as trusted for executing", and press Enter.

Fixed unbootable device errors

Specifically, we need to add the UEFI settings file (generated when Ubuntu is installed) to the trusted UEFI startup on your device. If you remember, the main purpose of UEFI Boot is to provide security. Because (possibly) Security Boot is not disabled (Secure Boot), the device will not try to start it from the newly installed operating system. Adding a whitelist to a trusted list will enable the device to start from the Ubuntu UEFI file.


Step 4

Here you can see your hard disk, such as HDD0. If you have multiple hard disks, I want you to remember the one you installed Ubuntu. Press enter.

Fixed Boot device failures in Boot settings


Step 5

You can see <EFI>. Press enter.

Fix settings in UEFI


Step 6

On the next screen, you will see <ubuntu>. Be patient. That's all right.

Fix startup errors after Ubuntu is installed.


Step 7

You can see the shimx64.efi, grubx64.efi and MokManager. efi files. Shimx64.efi is important. Select it and press Enter.

Fix unbootable Devices

On the next screen, enter Yes and press Enter.

No boot device _ 7


Step 8

When we add it to a trusted EFI file and execute it, press F10 to save and exit.

Save and exit firmware settings

Restart your system and you will be able to see the GRUB interface you are familiar. Even if you do not see the Grub interface, at least you will never see "no bootable device found )". You should be able to enter Ubuntu.

If the Grub interface is messed up after the fix, but you can log on to the system, you can reinstall Grub and enter the purple Grub interface that is familiar with Ubuntu.

I hope this guide will help you fix the error of the unbootable device. You are welcome to raise any questions, suggestions, or thanks.

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