Font Awesome 4.0.3 provides 369 commonly used vector Font icons on webpages. Sina and Renren's vector icons are also included.

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    Required knowledge

    This article requires a basic understanding of html and css front-end code.

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    Standard browser, compatible with IE7

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Font Awesome provides you with a set of scalable Font vector icons that can quickly customize the size, color, and shadow of the icons. These can be achieved through CSS, no JS code is required.

3. Use CSS to customize the Icon size, color, and shadow.

5. Supports Internet Explorer 7

6. Perfect display on the Retina screen

7. Different from other icon fonts, It is compatible with screen readers.

9. Complete documentation

10, free


2. the icon types are listed below. only some of them are listed here. For the complete icon list, see: 1. Common icons for Web applications:


Method 2:

To download the Font Awesome project folder

Copy the Font Awesome directory to your project, and introduce the following code in the head Tag:



For details about how to add these vector icons to a webpage, refer to the following address:


View the complete icon list here


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