[300] calculate a php decryption algorithm

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[300] calculate a php decryption algorithm [300] and a php decryption algorithm

The recent contact information of a previously collected website is generated using images, which makes the contact method unavailable.

Http://www.guijob.com/securite.php? Contact = AQUAChwGAAsABAQL
Content output to the image: 0773-2181632

Http://www.guijob.com/securite.php? Contact = AQUAChw
Content output to the image: 0773-

For more information, see the http://www.guijob.com/display/jobs/87859.htm on this page

The content should be the red part, but it is confused. you can enter letters to get different image content.

Php only knows what to do and does not know how to decrypt it.

Because the php forum level is not enough, I cannot post 300 points. I will add it slowly, but I cannot post two other 100 points to provide idea kids shoes.

Reply to discussion (solution)

Directly store images in the database?

Sometimes two letters represent a number, and sometimes one. different combinations of two letters can also represent a number.
If the ADADAD is input repeatedly, the result is not a consecutive number.
If the last half of the password is entered, the output is not the last half of the data, but other data.
Brute-force cracking does not seem easy to handle. it is not a password table, but a solution algorithm.

Who knows how to encrypt this? It must be experienced before you can see it. call the moderator

The image recognition rate of non-chip recognition is 100% with the effort to deencrypt the image...

Unless the encryption algorithm is easy to write, it is not easy to solve it easily.

It seems that this thing is identified by digits.
The value of AQUAChwBCQQDCw4J is 0773-5872990.
AQUACAQBCQQDCw4J is 077155872990
The 6-and 7-digit lowercase hw can be a short horizontal line, but it will also affect the previous number, but will not affect the subsequent

I tested several files, but I am not good at encryption and decryption.

Provide the following ideas to see if there are any mathematical experts who can find out the rules.

Provided by the landlord: AQUAChw. the corresponding result is 0773-
I tried to remove w and try AQUACh. The result is 0773.
However, if you enter a single w, no results will be obtained. we can see that w! =-

Therefore, I think it is very likely that he will handle it as a whole.

For AQUACh, the ascii value is 65 81 85 65 67 104.

In my opinion, he may combine the calculation method used by the number column to get the number 0773. And I am sure that this conversion will also get the ascii code and then find the corresponding character, because there are not only numbers, but also some special characters.

The image recognition rate of non-chip recognition is 100% with the effort to deencrypt the image...

Unless the encryption algorithm is easy to write, it is not easy to solve it easily.

This method is feasible. do you find the locomotive with this configuration ..

No, you can only store encrypted strings. you can download images in other languages to identify them ,? (???)?

Learning ....

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