Adobe/flash Media Server 5.0 Linux 64-bit system installation

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First, download
Adobe/flash MS5.0:

Second, installation
#./TAR-XVF adobemediaserver_5_ls1_linux64.tar.gz
#./CD ams_5_0_1_r1076

always press ENTER, select the default option, assuming everything goes well to this step, it can be installed, after the completion of such as the following tips:
-----------Install Action Summary-----------
installation directory =/opt/adobe/ams
Adobe Media Server Port = 1935
Adobe Media Admin Server Port = 1111
Interface (IP address) AMS Listen on = Auto-detect
Apache Install = Yes
Administrative username = xxxxxx
Administrative Password = (suppressed)
Service owner = AMS
service user = AMS
Service group = AMS
Run as daemon = Yes
Start Adobe Media Server = Yes

Proceed with the installation? (y/n/q): Y
installing Adobe Media Server files ...
Configuring Adobe Media Server ...
Adding "AMS" service.
Setting default admin to "AMS".
Setting autostart for "AMS".
Server:ams Command:start

1. Enter the serial number during the installation process! To be prepared in advance
2. Assume that the server has a low version of the FMS installed, you need to uninstall first;

Iii. Frequent use of commands
1. Start the service
#./server Start
# service AMS Start

2. Stop the service
#./server Stop
# service AMS Stop

Iv. Dependency Issues
there may be a dependency error during installation
error:a Required Package, Libcap, is not found on your Linux x86_64 RedHat.
Install required package and run Adobe Media Server installer again.
The workaround:
#./yum Install Compat-libcap1

Adobe/flash Media Server 5.0 Linux 64-bit system installation

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