[Android] upgrade Xamarin For VS to version and xamarin4.1.0.530.

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[Android] upgrade Xamarin For VS to version and xamarin4.1.0.530.

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Created on: I. Xamarin for

The following is an introduction to Xamarin for:

...... Earlier versions (omitted)

Released in November 2015: Xamarin for VS Stable (charged)

Released in March 2016: Xamarin for VS Stable (charged)

Released in May 2016: Xamarin for VS Stable (Enterprise Edition, free of charge)

Released in June 2016: Xamarin for VS Stable (Enterprise Edition, free of charge)


Since Microsoft officially acquired Xamarin in February 2016 and built Xamarin into VS2015 Update2 (Xamarin has become free and open-source since May 2016 after it was acquired by Microsoft ), therefore, Xamarin for VS released in June 2016 does not need to be cracked, nor does it need a separate account. The Enterprise Edition is installed or upgraded directly. Ii. Install Xamarin for Visual Studio Stable

The following is the interface for installing Xamarin for Visual Studio

If VS2015 has not been installed, download VS2015 with Update2 and install it directly.

If you have installed VS2015 and Update2, run VS2015, tools> Options> Xamarin, and select upgrade.

After Xamarin for VS is installed, run [help]-> [about Microsoft Visual Studio…] In VS2015 ...] Interface:

3. Install the 32-bit version of JDK-8u60 (for Windows)

We strongly recommend that you upgrade Xamarin for VS and install the following Java JDK version:


After installation, run VS2015, tools, options, and Xamarin to modify the configuration:

4. Upgrade the Android SDK

The following figure shows the upgraded version. The Simulator version is also upgraded:

5. recreate a new version of simulator

If a problem occurs when running the original program after the upgrade, the most thorough solution is to delete the original simulator and then create a new version of the simulator.

The following is a new simulator created after the Android SDK is upgraded:

6. When creating an Android project, pay attention to the version selection of the. NET Framework.

Note: As Xamarin for VS is greatly changed, in addition to supporting the development of the latest Android version, the performance and stability are greatly improved compared with those of earlier versions, therefore, when creating an Android project after the upgrade, You must select. NET Framework 4.6.0 or 4.6.1. Otherwise, the project cannot be displayed. the design interface of the axml file. VII. Upgrade Chapter 4 Baidu map app SDK 3.7.3

This time, the Baidu map SDK application written in C # was upgraded to version 3.7.3 released in January May 2016. Baidu speech synthesis (tts) has also been upgraded to version 2.2.6 released by Baidu in May 2016.

The upgraded solution is as follows:

Note: After the upgrade, You need to modify the SHA1 value of the account originally applied for by Baidu. The SHA1 of the new version is different from that of the old version, when running the Baidu map application example in chapter 1, a verification error is displayed.

After the upgrade, the re-created MyDemos operation is as follows:

8. Problems with Visual Studio Emulator for Android in Win10

Although Microsoft's Hyper-V Virtual Machine in Win10 is powerful and easy to use, the Android simulator of Visual Studio Emulator for Android started with Hyper-V virtual machine is faster and easier to configure than that of Google simulator, but there are several problems that cannot be solved, finally, we had to give up Hyper-V.

The Android simulator provided by Visual Studio Emulator for Android has the following problems:

(1) After the map layer of Baidu map is displayed, the scaling function is normal and the running speed is fast. No matter how hard it is, it only displays the map layer, however, the text layers in the map are not displayed. However, the same solution and code are displayed normally in the simulator provided by Google.

(2) there are not many Android simulator models provided by Google, such as simulators that do not provide Android watches and Simulators of Android N. In addition, you cannot manually modify the simulator configuration.

(3) Hyper-V conflicts with HAXM. You can select either of them and cannot use them at the same time.

Considering the above factors, it is easier to use the Android simulator provided by Google and the GPU accelerator of HAXM for intel cpu. When the computer is expanded to 8 GB memory, the operation speed is also fast, the upgrade is simple, the configuration is flexible, and the use is very convenient.

For ARM CPUs, when the computer expands to 8 GB memory, the Android simulator provided by Google can work at a proper speed.

However, if you do not consider the display of Baidu maps or solve the problem of displaying only maps but not map text labels, and meet the requirements of at least 8 GB memory, the Android simulator provided by Visual Studio Emulator for Android started with Hyper-V Virtual Machine in Win10 is very convenient (fast, and the simulator can directly access the Internet ), it is also easy to install and run iOS and Linux systems using virtual machines.

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