Apple Watch Usage Experience--2

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Before we start today's talk, let's just throw up a slot. In the previous blog said the Milan nice strap to the hair, when the first time because of the experience of the clip, did not take a real picture, after writing the blog post and then folder, this time can not let go. Let's start with a fur map.

Set diagram is finished, in order to give you crossing demo this demo, the author instantly killed 6 hairs, uprooted. This is not what, the day with the left hand stroked the beloved son of the head, suddenly feel a little resistance to the left hand, when the son of a shocked eyes, motionless, estimated to be silly, have not experienced such a thing. I looked over the strap carefully afterwards, and sure enough, a son's hair was caught on top. Dad, it's not intentional.

The previous article said, perhaps this article will talk about something related to the professional, what major? It's the map. When I wrote this article, the Apple 2015 developer conference just ended a few days later, the conference announced that AW's app execution model will be significantly improved, or that Apple has opened the local API.

As shown, currently on the left, AW is a remote device for third-party applications, with limited local computing power and the need to invoke computational logic on the iphone. And this is all about to change, third-party applications can be more fully utilized AW's local computing power, many benefits, at least a lot of AW programs will not be as slow as the current response, app restrictions are much less, features will be further enhanced. From this change can be seen, the author today to show you the app can only represent AW release early app snapshot, this snapshot should not be long will become history.

Anyway, I still come to see the app bar, the author will add their own feelings, you crossing can hold different views.

First look at Baidu and Sogou two third-party AW map app.

Baidu Map:

Sogou Map:

Can you see the problem from the top two third-party apps? There are few maps in the Map app, and most of the time it's a text interface and navigation tips. And Baidu Map also appeared to let you return to the phone to view the map of the hint, it seems to be really need to strengthen AH. Take a look at the other two map apps, one is Uber and the other is Apple's own map.

Yes, Uber also has AW's app, and I've used it to call a few times, and I feel that the map function in Uber is now more powerful than the map function of the graph trader.

Apple official Map app:

As you can see, Uber, as a third party, can not only complete the core call function, but also show the map on the watch, although the map cannot be changed as dynamically as the Apple app app, but at least we see the graph. The best map of course is Apple's official map app, from which you can see that the user can set the end point with his or her finger in a single position (which, of course, is not accurate enough to make up for this by Siri) and can navigate like a phone, and the map changes with the location. At the intersection, the watch will also alert the user through sound and vibrating wrist. The navigation is divided into two kinds of interface, one is the penultimate bright text, the other is the last map interface. The text of this interface is suitable for future integration into the car's head-up display. In other words, the software has been prepared for a long time, to see when the car manufacturers with more in-depth integration.

However, no matter who the map, there is a common problem, is the process of setting up and calculation is relatively long, waiting for the process is very anxious, if it is in the outside, has been holding the wrist waiting for a possible can not come out of the results, feeling very frustrated, as if intentionally in the X-like, actually is not the result good? This is the dilemma that AW is not able to compute locally, even though large app features have been developed, but the slower response also allows users to abandon their use. So the topic is back, in the end this watch app what to do to make users more love, developers more worthy of their efforts. This estimate is also the vast number of manufacturers, Apple and users to explore the problem of common. After all, there are not many successful cases for wearable devices to refer to. About the Map section, for the time being, you have to feel, at present, there is really a lot of room for improvement.

The author's QQ after the update finally will not flash back, although the response speed is still very slow.

Finally pull something else, is AW's charger, you are concerned about AW must know, put him under the watch can be wireless charging, because 18 hours of design use time, the author of Travel now also to give the watch more with a charger well, with their own words to comfort yourself "This is a smart wearable device, not a watch."

Also, take off the strap, you have wood to find AW also has a wired interface? I see online said that this interface can be used for debugging, of course, there are charging ring manufacturers with it to the AW for fast charging, it is estimated that there will be other uses, waiting for you to further explore.

All right, let's see.

Apple Watch Usage Experience--2

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