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For many small and medium-sized users, the rapid development of enterprises, the continuous improvement of application needs, the network platform to build a higher demand. When the existing network platform in the development can not fully meet the application, how to achieve smooth upgrade of the network platform, as each SME users in building information platform must be considered in advance.

Not long ago, ASUS AP140R-E1 Server successfully bid for new media group procurement bidding. This batch of server products will be added Yu Wenwin in March 2006 by the use of a large number of ASUS server set up on the city network platform, used to build a more stable, safe, efficient network platform to achieve the smooth upgrade of the city network platform. As a typical representative of the SME Network platform, the new Media network platform upgrade case has a high reference significance.

Project background

Wen Xin Media Network is the integration of new Xinmin United Press Group (hereinafter referred to as the new group) of all media information Network, by the new Xinmin United Press group hosted, Wen Hui Xinmin United Press Group News Information Center contractor, covering the "Wen Wei Po", "Xinmin Evening News", "Oriental Morning Post" and other more than 10 media. The rapid development of modern information has brought unprecedented pressure to the traditional media, and only by the combination of continuous and advanced technology can we get the continuous development. The continuous increase of information has made the existing LAN information platform application bottleneck. The new group needs to find the most valuable solutions among the many choices.

Application Requirements

As the core application of the local area network in the new Media network, the server used for the update must have a bright eye in all aspects: to ensure instant information updates, the server must have strong I/O capability and stable operation; As the office location includes different buildings, as the core management applications of the network, There must be strong remote management capabilities, and storage capabilities and security are the key considerations.

The new media network before the adoption of all international brands of products, invested a lot of financial resources, including late maintenance also invested a lot of money. Coupled with the rapid updating of enterprise information equipment in recent years, the cost must be factored into the consideration. Coincides with the device before the replacement, there are insiders to the department responsible for the recommendation of ASUS server products. Because Asus has always had a better brand image, and the price is more reasonable, so ASUS also logically as a major goal of procurement. In the ensuing contact, Asus said: To eliminate user concerns, you can let Vennue media network to test some products. Trial down, the new group decided to purchase ASUS server, as its core application of the City network.


Understanding of customer application requirements, ASUS specifically for the new Media network applications for the new Media network provides the following solutions: Asus Ap1600r-e2 (CS3) as a media network and processing server; As the main, standby IDs server, used to receive the Xinhua news Agency's global satellite image manuscript , as an e-mail server or network Management Server, receives an average of tens of thousands of messages a day; Ap1720-e2 as an internal desktop management and proxy server for the management of more than 2000 desktop systems; In addition, as the group of newspapers in 17 countries in the world, in order to facilitate the smooth conduct of business, Also in the telecommunications room hosting several AP1600R-S5 as a transfer version of the server, the addition of ASUS AP140R-E1 Rack Server, to supplement the current application and prepare for future expansion. The ASUS server covers almost all of the key applications of its business.

User satisfaction, mainly in the following areas:

Security: ASUS Since its inception, has been high quality as the highest demand, in the system stability has accumulated a lot of valuable experience, to pay special attention to stability and reliability of the server, but also put a lot of energy for research and development and testing. Cooling is the key to ensure stable operation of the system, ASUS servers are using the best system layout, so that air can flow smoothly in the system, and the redundant design of key components can minimize the necessary maintenance time of the system. In addition, ASUS servers often build multiple RAID capabilities to provide users with affordable, reliable data protection capabilities.

Scalability is strong: the development of the business will produce expanded requirements, extensibility is very important for users. The ASUS server design takes into account the needs of most users. In the expansion slot, memory, hard disk and other parts, usually according to the actual situation, make full use of space, for users to reserve more space for expansion.

Easy to manage: Traditional server management is time-consuming and laborious, and is not a simple matter. ASUS Exclusive web-managed software aswm (Asus System
Web-based Management solves this disturbing problem, its "WYSIWYG" graphical interface greatly facilitates the network administrator, but also for the enterprise to save the system maintenance
of manpower and resources.

In the new group's network, there are several Asus AP1600R-E2 (CS3) used to receive and distribute manuscripts, after the internal system of each of the newspaper processing. Again through the AP1600R-S5 as a version of the server to send out (as the newspaper competition intensifies, the newspaper needs to carry out the layout of expansion, Color edition, increase in the number of years, printing mode reform and enhance the timeliness of the newspaper to ensure the survival and development, all of this to the transfer version of the means put forward Update or upgrade the current remote version of the system, improve the speed of transmission, reduce the cost of transmission version, enhance the timeliness to expand the circulation of newspapers, is the newspaper in the competition to win the important factor. Because the whole system has the large data throughput, the server has the extremely high I/O processing ability, the network transmission ability and the storage ability.

The newly appended Asus AP140R-E1 is a 1u rack server, with the latest Intel E7210 chipset, the MHz FSB Intel P4 processor, providing powerful performance, high scalability, and flexible storage configuration in a slim optimizer rejection. Fully meet the needs of current and future expansion. ASUS AP14OR-E1 also integrates raid 0/1 features to help users easily achieve SATA hard drive acceleration or mirroring, so that your valuable data security backup, solve the user's worries. This ultra-thin cabinet optimizes the server, can satisfy the user's current application, but also is for the future promotion expansion to lay out the foundation. and multiple ap140r-e1 form a simple and powerful solution for running special operations such as Web content services, caching, gateways, and firewall applications.

New Media Project procurement director said that the procurement of Asus server, mainly based on product performance, price, service and practical needs of consideration, is through open, fair and impartial bidding activities to achieve the best choice. and prior to the purchase of ASUS Server after six months of use, has maintained a good working performance and system stability, the actual verification of ASUS products of high quality, so that Vennue to ASUS products to form a high degree of trust.

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