Computer Virus Prevention and Control and Information Security

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Liu Tianyi, rising senior anti-virus Engineer



Question 1: What will happen after computer poisoning?

A: Recently, all the stock speculators have begun to pay attention to network security issues. If the computer is poisoned, it is often seen that the computer is slow and some operation functions cannot be used, such as copying and pasting, and the web page cannot be opened, but the Internet is no problem, please note that.


Question 2: What should I do after poisoning?

A: Generally, it is difficult for users to determine whether it is caused by viruses or system problems or other causes. In this case, it is best to choose anti-virus software and firewall suitable for you, as well as related security software. First, you can upgrade anti-virus software, enable monitoring of anti-virus software from time to time, and complete anti-virus. This is the most basic operation.


Question 3: When the computer is started, it restarts. Is this a situation of poisoning?

A: it cannot be determined that the system is completely poisoned when it is restarted on a single server. It may be caused by a series of problems such as hardware faults and software conflicts. If this is the case, you can use the rising disc to start the computer to scan and kill the virus. If you restart the computer, you can eliminate the virus infection. If it is a system problem, you can try to reinstall or repair the operating system.


Question 4: What should I do if a blue screen occurs due to the Norton virus?

A: This should not happen in the last few days. However, if the laptop or computer suddenly has a blue screen, the above prompts that there are HARD and other related English or digital information. If this happens, your notebook has indeed installed Norton, it may be because Norton mistakenly killed the system file. You can log on to the homepage and follow the instructions to fix the vulnerability. If the operation is difficult, call the relevant service hotline for guidance from engineers.


Question 5: What should I do if a webpage jumps automatically when I access the Internet?

A: If this happens frequently, computer viruses may be suspected. If your computer is equipped with anti-virus software, you must first upgrade the anti-virus software, enable monitoring, and complete anti-virus. If the webpage jumps, we recommend that you directly call the anti-virus software Customer Service. If the virus is known to be prevalent, anti-virus tools will be provided on the relevant websites. Recently, many popular Trojans and viruses have been detected, including stealing chat tools and passwords for online transactions, which make the system run slowly.


Question 6: how to prevent password theft?

A: Some Trojans record keyboard hitting information and transmit it to related computers in other ways for later analysis and password theft, causing economic losses to users. This is indeed a headache. In serious cases, users can be remotely operated and watched as their data is stolen. As a general user, you can pay attention to the following points: first, install anti-virus software and a personal firewall. At the same time, you must enable Anti-Virus Software Monitoring and Personal Firewall when accessing the Internet. For example, the rising firewall is still very useful for network security, mainly to prevent hacker intrusion and malicious attacks. Especially for online transactions, it is best to use anti-virus software with the firewall. At the same time, it is best to Upgrade anti-virus software once a day. Rising now provides at least three versions of virus database updates every week. The rising fire wall has a dedicated password protection function. Generally, you can refer to the homepage of the rising cloud website. To put it simply, the password protection function adds a program that needs to access the network to the password protection function. For example, I want to use Guotai Junan's software for stock trading, you can add the software to the password protection function. When the program accesses the network, you can manage the program and other programs that want to access the network at the same time, it is controlled by users to prevent hackers from stealing passwords.

Question 7: How was the password stolen when I logged on to QQ? How can I recover lost Q coins?

A: Your computer may be vulnerable to password theft. After a virus occurs, the password may leak when you log on to the Internet, for example, through the network or email. If the password is leaked, other operations can be easily performed. The verification code has nothing to do with the trojan itself. It is best to use the password protection program of the rising firewall.


Question 8: What is the difference between the delete and delete operations?

A: It is best to consult anti-virus software Customer Service. For rising, the virus file is deleted directly, and the virus file is removed from the infected file.


Question 9: Is there a high virus outbreak recently? Can you talk about the latest detection.

A: The number of viruses reported by rising when the anti-virus software of rising every day. The number of viruses that had just been upgraded in was 99 in, doubled. Recently, many Trojans and viruses have been used to combat anti-virus software. For example, if anti-virus software is enabled, Or you enter anti-virus software in search engines or notepad, the window is automatically closed. Rising launched the orange August software last year to specifically target such viruses.


Question 10: Is it poisoned to use a mobile phone to access the Internet and receive the XXXX file?

A: The message does not indicate that the mobile phone is poisoned. If someone else's mobile phone sends a virus through Bluetooth, the mobile phone may be poisoned only after receiving the virus. At present, rising has also launched a mobile anti-virus software in 2007. Mobile phone viruses do not have to be updated every day.


Question 11: After receiving the email, how can I determine whether the email is infected with viruses?

A: you cannot rely on the address to determine whether it is a virus. The address of a friend who is familiar with it may also be automatically sent out. First, maintain the monitoring of anti-virus software and conduct anti-virus on attachments.


Question 12: How can I ensure that the sent emails do not contain viruses?

A: Generally, You need to enable anti-virus software monitoring to maintain the upgrade. In this way, you can safely write and send files. However, there may be automatic outgoing sending, and you should also pay attention to the running status of anti-virus software.


Question 13: How can I ensure computer security when I use my computer?

A: The protection of common users should first be updated and upgraded from time to time using anti-virus software and firewall suitable for them. In addition, some operating systems require patches. Recently, a large number of viruses have been spread through USB flash drives, especially in schools and offices. In this case, you can enable and disable the automatic playback function to check for viruses and ensure security. If you are still suspected of a virus, please contact the anti-virus software vendor for guidance from professional engineers.


Question 14: how to prevent online transactions?

A: This kind of online trading is very similar to stock trading. You still need to protect your account and password. anti-virus software and firewall use the firewall password protection function at the same time. The principle is the same.


Question 15: The computer system time was changed to 2050, and the virus cannot be detected. What's going on?

A: You can use a CD to guide anti-virus. The system time is also used to determine the time with the related anti-virus software. Rising time is widely used. Can be opened normally and collected normally. You can eliminate many problems by eliminating the virus.



Question 16: MP3 Often crashes. Is it poisoned?

A: No MP3 virus has been detected. Check whether the problem is caused by hardware.


Question 17: Can't all anti-virus software be opened?

A: This phenomenon is similar to the recently widely spread anti-virus software virus. Rising launched orange in August last year. This tool will also be updated from time to time, you can first access the Internet to use some of the large online exclusive killing tools. If you are a rising customer, you can try the Online Expert outpatient service and remotely connect to the online expert outpatient service, remote Detection is performed by engineers.

Question 18: Is there still such a service if rising had a free software upgrade over the weekend?

A: There is no time limit for the free kill tool provided on the rising web site. You can download it at any time.

Jiang Jingjing, Yuan Yu, according to the telephone recording


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