Cortana speakers are built on the Linux platform

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Cortana speakers are built on the Linux platform
Harman Kardon, a well-known audio product manufacturer that has been acquired by Samsung, has just developed an AI speaker supporting Microsoft Cortana Virtual Assistant, which is obviously similar to Amazon Echo. Interestingly, the underlying layer of this product is not Microsoft's Windows 10 IoT, but based on Linux 3.8.13.

The certification date is January 1, February 21, 2017.

Wi-Fi authentication information also exposes some other details, such as support for 2.4/5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, product code (LS9AD-AC11DBT/AC11DBT-GV), product type (speaker, receiver, MP3 player), firmware version, etc.

Although Windows 10 IoT has a larger ecosystem, hamman karton decided to choose a combination of Linux platform + Cortana Devices SDK, even though this requires some fine-tuning.

For Microsoft, the company has a more inclusive attitude towards Linux. The openness of Cortana (including but not limited to Windows 10, Android, and iOS) enables developers to build a large number of cross-device features.

Microsoft said: "With the Cortana Devices SDK, you can use the Cortana skills of various products out of the box-from on-board to home, to screen-free-Hamman 2017 new products can satisfy you ".

Hamman carton hasn't disclosed the release date of the Cortana speaker, but since all products have passed the Wi-Fi certification (and the MWC 2017 opening date approaching ), it is believed that it will be listed at the latest in the year.


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