cp&tar& using C language program to realize CP command effect

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1.CP (copy) file path to copy already exists

The code to implement the CP command is as follows:

  2#include <stdio.h>3   4 //because you want to get two paths in the command, use the two arguments of the main function  5 intMainintargcChar**argv) {  6   7  Charbuf[ -]={0}; 8   9 intSize=0; Ten /*int buf[100]={0}; represents a single store in an array of four bytes. If the data we took from the original file > is 3 bytes, then we can't put it in.*/  OneFILE * p_src=null,*p_dest=NULL; A   - if(ARGC <3){  -printf"format command error \ n");  the         return 0;  - }  -   - //the idea of copying 1: Read the original file into memory, and then write the new file. The original file may be very large.   + //the idea of copying 2: Ants move  -P_src=fopen (* (argv+1),"RB");  +  //argv represents an array of pointers,  A //the first pointer in the pointer array is the./out file, and the second pointer is the original file path  at   - //case of branch handling open failure  - if(!p_src) {  -printf"original file open failed \ n");  - return 0;  - }   in                                                                               -P_dest=fopen (* (argv+2),"WB");  to   + if(!p_dest) {  -printf"new File open failed \ n");  theFclose"p_src");  *P_src=NULL; $ return 0; Panax Notoginseng }  -   the  while(1){  +Size=fread (BUF,sizeof(Char), -, P_SRC);  A if(!size) { Break;}  theFwrite (BUF,sizeof(Char), size,p_dest);  + }  - //How many data you get from the original file, and how many numbers you write.   $Fclose"p_dest");  $p_dest=NULL; -    -Fclose"p_src");  theP_src=NULL; -  Wuyi   the return 0;  -}
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2.tar command

Use the ZCVF option to package (package multiple files into a single compressed file).

Use the ZXVF option to restore (Restore a large package of compressed file content to a normal file).

Error Correction: line 22nd of the code should be./a.out file

cp&tar& using C language program to realize CP command effect

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