Dell PERC 201710p import RAID card array information

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Dell PERC 201710p import RAID card array information

Dell PERC 201710p import RAID card array information

1. Unplug the hard disks of one server (A) and insert them to another server (B) with the same configuration in the same order)

2. Start the server (B)

3. Press ctrl + R on the keyboard prompt To Go To The RAID card configuration page.

Move the cursor to the PREC 201710p Mini and press F2-> Foreign Config-> Import to complete the Import. The raid information after the Import is displayed, and then exit.

4. log out and restart the server. The import is complete.

Note: if the data is imported between different raid cards, you need to check whether the data is compatible in advance. Otherwise, the data may fail to be imported.

Appendix: knowledge popularization of RAID card Arrays.

Our commonly used raid array cards PERC H700 and H800 to PERC 201710p and H810 support re-importing raid configurations to another server to achieve cold migration of servers, especially when the server is faulty, it is very useful when the hard disk is intact.

The following are two common commands for viewing the array card information:

① Displays the Raid card model, Raid settings, and Disk information.


② Display RAID card information


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