DELL R720 RAID Linux driver problem Xen installation

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The company has a Dell R720 server, want to install Xen, the result of loading when asked me to select the disk, it appears that the disk RAID does not recognize the problem. Find Dell official for detailed model,megaraid SAS 9265-8i is LSI's product, go to LSI official website China Station: /support/download-search Download

    1. Understand, first go to Baidu search for this raid information, understand, to the official website can find related products faster. Look at the figure we know is the 6GB data transfer rate.

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2. Go to LSI website

Click Support – Find Help – support Documents and Downloads

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3. First determine the product, is the RAID card, and then Baidu query information and list 6gb/s is the same, in the product item, my is MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i but there is no, we choose close and the number of a version MegaRAID SAS 9266-8i (because the program is backwards compatible), 8i stands for: 8 built-in interfaces 8 internal Sata+sas. Select OK and click Search to start searching.

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4. In the search results, locate the driver item and click the + sign to expand it.

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5. Find the latest version according to the date, then select the System and click Download.

Note: Not every update will have all the system updates, build only need to find the corresponding system of the most recent date. 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 5.jpg "width=" height= "285" border= "0" hspace= "0" vspace= "0" style= "width:700px;height:285px;" alt= " Wkiom1cdtfrtxdqhaahnlh25hdk745.jpg "/>

End of tutorial

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DELL R720 RAID Linux driver problem Xen installation

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