Developing universal Windows apps with. Net

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Preface: With the official release of Windows 10, as. NET developers should start to learn more or less about the development of the Universal (Universal) Windows app.

The so-called Universal Windows App (UWP) is developed once and can run on all Windows 10-based systems and devices, including desktop devices, mobile devices, XBox, HoloLens, and even IoT devices. With Windows 10 officially released on July 29, there was no prior knowledge of this. NET developers, you can start to understand, anyway technology does not press the body. Just right, Microsoft's MSDN blog published an article on using. NET to develop the UWP, which is worth reading.

1. Install the UWP tool

To develop the UWP, of course, you first need to install the relevant development tools. The most straightforward way is to download the VS2015 Community Edition, which installs the UWP tool by default. Of course, when installing other versions of VS2015, you can also choose your own UWP development tools.

2. Learn about some of the features of the UWP

While the literal meaning of the UWP is straightforward to express its essence (one development compiles multiple places to run), it has the following features:

    • Leverage the cross-platform nature of. NET core to share business logic code
    • Deploy a reduced one with the application. NET copy so that the app always uses the validated. NET version
    • Generate highly optimized native machine code with. NET native technology, resulting in increased start-up time, reduced power consumption, and faster performance
    • UWP apps can be easily purchased, installed, and upgraded through the Windows Store
    • Ability to integrate with Application Insight (Microsoft-produced Application monitoring services) to measure and analyze application performance in detail
3, start developing UWP

Microsoft also provides links to useful development overviews and tutorials in this article:

    • How to build a Windows 10 Universal app (
    • UWP App Development Wizard (
    • Porting apps to the UWP (
    • Developing universal Windows Apps using C # and XAML (Http://
    • Developing UWP Apps in VS2015 (
    • Deep understanding of XAML and. NET UWP development (

This article, in addition to the above 3 summary summary of the above, also used a lot of space on some of the features and characteristics mentioned in the introduction. For more information, let's learn by reading the original.

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Developing universal Windows apps with. Net

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