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Xamarin.Forms developing iOS, Android, UWP apps

C # language features, simple, fast and efficient. This time we do mobile development through C # and XAML.1. Development tools Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio 2017. Of course the latest preview version of Visual Studio 2017 contains Xamarin live player directly supporting the development of debugging iOS apps under Windows.2. Configuring the Mobile development SDK Configuration4. Create a new mobile development project5. Dire

Set up UWP program self-boot (automate launching Windows ten UWP apps)

Original: Set up UWP program self-boot (automate launching Windows UWP apps)In the process of developing a UWP program, it is sometimes necessary to set the program's self-start. The steps I implemented are as follows:1. Activating protocol in VS(Package.appxmanifest---Decla

UWP WINDOWS10 Developing update tiles and dynamic update tiles

=tileupdatemanager.createtileupdaterforapplication (); //start polling for updates, incoming server tile XML file address and polling timeUpdater. Startperiodicupdate (Tilecontent, requestedinterval); }This allows your app to have automatic tile updates.Let's discuss the tile template problem: Different tile sizes have different formats and you want to set different templates for each tile at the same time Templates have fixed format and different resource types, you can ref

WIN10/UWP new features-drag&drop drag out elements to other apps

. Showasync (); $ }Panax Notoginseng - if(E.dataview.contains (standarddataformats.bitmap)) the { + //Get Bitmap Object A varItems =awaitE.dataview.getbitmapasync (); the varBitmap =NewBitmapImage (); + awaitBitmap. Setsourceasync (awaititems. OpenReadAsync ()); - //set Maingrid background picture $Maingrid.background =NewImageBrush {ImageSource =bitmap}; $ } -}For more drop Event dragover Event Detail settings Please participate in artic

UWP apps get all kinds of systems, user information (1)-basic information about devices and systems, app package information, user data account information, and user account information

contains the following three attribute members: Authenticationstatus gets the validation status of the user account. The return value is enumeration type Userauthenticationstatus. Nonroamableid gets the user's non-roaming ID. The type gets the user account types for the user. The return value is enumeration type Usertype. With the use of Userdataaccount and user two APIs, the application can better implement unique user identification, user account system, custom authoriza

UWP apps get all kinds of systems, user information (2)-Store authorization information, retail demo mode information, ad ID, EAS device information, hardware identification information, mobile network information

Original: UWP apps get all kinds of systems, user information (2)-Store authorization information, retail demo mode information, ad ID, EAS device information, hardware identification information, mobile network informationIn application development, developers often need to obtain some system, user information for data statistics telemetry, problem feedback, user identification and other functions. This ar

WIN10 UWP Development Series: Developing the first Cordova App with VS2015 Update2+ionic

installed, try to clean up the solution and recompile. I have met a few times, it is clear after the installation can be installed debugging.ConclusionThis demo is over here. The page that looks at the news details is the same as the steps to view the chat details, and it is not written. This example is mainly to illustrate that VS2015 's support for Cordova has been perfect. This is just a simple example of getting started, and I'm learning more in-depth content. Students who wish to be intere

Processing of the Back button (titlebar) in UWP apps

("Failed to load Page"+e.sourcepagetype.fullname); } /// ///called when the application execution will be suspended. Without knowing the application///no need to know if the application will be terminated or restored.///and keep the contents of the memory intact. /// /// The source of the pending request. /// more information about the pending request. Private voidOnsuspending (Objectsender, Suspendingeventargs e) { varDeferral =e.suspendingoper

Win10 UWP Packaging Third-party fonts to apps

, and then we write a font that doesn't exist in our system.And Love St.ttf TextBlock Margin="10,100,10,10" FontFamily="And Love St.ttf" Text="Lov ms">TextBlock>It's almost impossible to see a change.We add a folderI'll call it font.Put our fonts in, and drag them directly in, the UWP import font is the folder where the fonts are placed in the solutionIn our font write we put in the font, path # font nameOur

Developing universal Windows apps with. Net

development tools.2. Learn about some of the features of the UWPWhile the literal meaning of the UWP is straightforward to express its essence (one development compiles multiple places to run), it has the following features: Leverage the cross-platform nature of. NET core to share business logic code Deploy a reduced one with the application. NET copy so that the app always uses the validated. NET version Generate highly optimized n

Start developing IOS Apps Today

to use the Storyboard (storyboard) to create a master-slave application. Your third IOS app: icloud tells you how to integrate icloud in your document-based app. Read the following documents to broaden and deepen your IOS app development knowledgeThese documents are essential to the IOS developer's Reading (English): " iOS technology overview describes the frameworks and other technologies that your iOS app can take. "IOS HMI Guide" tells you how to make your app conform

10 great tools for developing mobile apps

Enterprise Mobile Application development needs are growing rapidly, but mobile development talent is in short supply, which leads to increasing development and operating costs of mobile applications, while the choice of three technology paths for native, HTML5 and hybrid applications is often confusing to businesses.At the same time, the difficulty, cost, and time period for developing a mobile app is a problem that many innovative companies have to

HTML5 7 Advantages of developing mobile apps (i)

Mobile web App is today's market share dominance, since the HTML5 development language formally sealed, the use of HTML5 language development app app brings user experience and production difficulty is far less than other languages. In this paper, Huaqing Institute for readers to analyze the HTML5 development of mobile App 7 major advantages. Let the reader interested in HTML5 better understand the HTML5 web development technology.650) this.width=650; "Src="

Cordova-developing iOS apps with Cordova 1 (configure, develop first app)

Cordova-developing iOS apps with Cordova 1 (configuring, developing the first app) is now more popular to useHTML5 development of mobile applications, after all, just write a set of HTML pages can be adapted to a variety of mobile devices, greatly saving the development time of cross-platform applications. And not as before Android to write a set of programs,IOS

How to make money by developing IOS apps and making money by iosapp

How to make money by developing IOS apps and making money by iosapp IOS has been in the trap for more than a year. To be honest, it is not a big bull, but it is also a little small revenue to develop apps. Of course, it cannot be anything. Although I don't really want to share these things with you, after all, everyone enjoys doing what they like silently.

Developing Android Apps with Kotlin

Java, the official website claims that Kotlin can be mixed with 100% and Java. With the launch of JetBrains, idea can be better supported. Disadvantages The associated jar packages that support Kotlin will be broken up and packaged into the APK. This part of the content will eventually increase the apk size by about 700k. This is a much better situation than the previous groovy, barely acceptable. There are too few developers using Kotlin compared to Java. The birth ti

BEGINNING sharepoint®2013 Development 11th chapter-Developing integrated apps for Office and SP Solutions

BEGINNING SHAREPOINT? Development 11th chapter-Developing integrated apps for Office and SP Solutions what you'll learn in this chapter is: Create an integrated Office2013 solution using the new app model; Understand the new app model concept and Office's JavaScript object model; Learn when and how to use normal mode to develop and deploy apps for Offi

Start developing iOS Apps today.pdf--Summary 1

Summary:Took 3 days to read 2 times Apple's official introductory book, it feels very good, the first time is not very clear about some of the concepts inside, just bite the bullet and familiar with the concept of what is probably described, and then the sample app to do it, the second time with the program and the source code back to see, a lot of harvest.Start developing iOS apps today.pdf This book has a

Golang Developing Windows Apps

(Cyscreen)), _text ("Message Note:in the Phd.go in the win component, This line to comment, if you're not a WIN7 enthusiast//pdh_addenglishcounterw = Libpdhdll.mustfindproc ("Pdhaddenglishcounterw") Compile run successful, note that this must be the package main or the EXE will not be produced Package Main Next try walk can be done: packagemainimport ( "" . " "" Strings ") Funcmain () { v

Developing Android Apps with Kotlin (IV): Custom views and Android extensions

Developing Android Apps with Kotlin (IV): Custom views and Android extensions @author ASCE1885 's Github book Weibo CSDNOriginal link After reading the extension function and the default value of this article, then what to introduce next? As we said in the first article in this series, Kotlin makes Android easier to develop, and we'll cover it further in this article.Custom ViewAs you recall,

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