Development IDE installation, one of the Python Crawler Development series

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China has an old saying: 工欲善其事, its prerequisite!

When I first started learning Python, I had a lot of pain because I didn't have to explore useful tools. Stumbling through the past only to know that good tools to the efficiency of the increase is not from 1 to 1.1 times times the speed, but from 1 to 10 times times the speed.

So we have to write and run the program before we have to configure the development environment, only to configure the environment and have a more convenient development tools we can more efficiently use the program to achieve the corresponding functions of the half times the effect, however, in many cases we may be in the beginning of the card in the environment configuration, If this process takes too much time, presumably the interest in learning will fall by more than half, so this chapter specializes in developing the environment configuration to do a description.

There are too many Ides for Python development, and it takes a lot of time to talk about them. We use the most powerful IDE in the universe to do the development of it, about its various advantages I am not here to wordy, well, we now begin to appreciate its beauty! come on baby?? , let ' s go

The first step: Open the URL see a lot of versions can be downloaded, personally feel that the choice of community is enough.

The second step: Download complete, the installation needs to check the Python

Step Three: Create a Python project-open the IDE file--New--project--Choose a Python project template

So that our development IDE can be used normally, is not very simple, very convenient, yes-it is so simple. The next article will introduce a variety of Python package configuration installation, please look forward to.

Development IDE installation, one of the Python Crawler Development series

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